Fat Burning Pilates Workout To Get Lean And Toned

by hayouni

Everyone, particularly women wants to feel lean, and this has led to most people embarking on many different ways and steps that help in fat burning. Biologically, fat burning refers to the use of fatty acids for fuel unlike glucose in the human body. Accumulation of fat in the body may result in a bigger tummy and also obesity.

Pilates workouts are essential in fat burning because these steps work on all abdominal muscles, flattens the stomach, fights knee and hip pain, helps lose weight and focuses on toning of the muscles. It is, therefore, necessary to constant practice less expensive and simple Pilates workouts as a beginner to prevent injuries.

Fat Burning Pilates Workout

Simple movements help one understand the basics of Pilates workouts and also understanding one’s body. The next mix and match Pilates workouts can help in fat burning.

1. Double-Leg Stretch

This Pilates workout is one of the best in relieving arthritis pain. The move is good for most common types of arthritis. The reason to this is that it enhances flexibility thus minimizing stiffness and restoring free movement of the joints.

Double-leg stretch involves lying with your face up. Raise your shoulders slightly and engage your abdomen to provide support to the lower back. Stretch your hands and lift your legs ensuring they are at a 45-degree angle from the floor. Move your knees close to the chest and hug them with the arms.

For modification of this move, always keep your legs at 90 degrees angle and allow the foot to rest. Double leg stretch becomes efficient if done for 10 to 15 times.

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