11 Workouts You Can Do With Your Boyfriend At Home

by hayouni

Most things are more fun if you do them with someone else. Especially workouts. With February being the month of love, why not team up with your other half and do a joint workout in your very own home?

1. Light squat jumps

Do 20 reps

2. Push up cross high five

Do 10 reps high fiving on one side, then swap

3. Wall sit with tricep dip

Start at 20 seconds and then build from there with three rounds, then switch

4. Cross jump lunges

Start out doing 20, then work up

This at-home couple workout might actually make you enjoy doing exercise

5. Jump squat with high five

Do 10 on each side then swap, gradually building up to 20 on each side

6. Wheelbarrow push ups

Do 10, then swap

7. Leg toss and kiss

Do 10 leg lifts, then swap

8. Flat back chair twist

20 twists, gradually increasing

9. Couple combo (mountain climbers and wall sit)

Do 3 rounds of 30 seconds, then 60 seconds, then 90 seconds, switching in between each one

10. Side seat holding hands

Do 30 seconds, then swap sides

11. High c-curve hearts

Do 10 hearts with one leg, then swap sides

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