We all know and love the basic squat. Although it’s a legit way to work that back, this move alone won’t get you to your dream butt, says Brittany Perille Yobe, a certified personal trainer who posts peach-centric workouts and gravity-defying belfies for her 1.2 million followers.

“Of course, squats engage the glutes,” Perille Yobe told. “But compound movements such as squats and lunges train more of the quads, lower back, and hamstrings, so they won’t automatically result in greater glutes.”

To achieve your best possible butt, you’re better off mixing things up. “I train…with about 10 different glute exercises that isolate the muscles by working them from various angles,” says Perille Yobe.

1. Single-Leg Glute Bridge


2. Hydrants With Leg Extension


3. Rainbows


4. Curtsy Lunges

5. Heel-Lifted Sumo Squat

How to do it: Begin with your feet slightly wider than shoulders-width apart, toes pointed outward. Lift your left heel. With control, sit your hips back as you lower your butt toward the floor, keeping your knees behind your toes and bracing your core to help you balance. Pause, then press into your right heel to stand up into the starting position to complete one rep.

6. Bear Plank Leg Lifts


7. Single-Leg Dead Lift


8. Sumo Squat to Calf Raise


9. Squat to Sumo