Ultimate Guide: 6 Powerful Ways to Achieve Perfect Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape 2023

by hayouni

Basically , there is no eyeliner that is ever gonna make you look bad , but certain tricks can increment the beauty of your eyes and make them look more symmetrical.

Defining Eyeliner: A Cosmetic Essential

Defining Eyeliner: A Cosmetic Essential

Imagine eyeliner as your favorite makeup item, like that beloved t-shirt you never want to part with. It’s that one thing in your makeup bag that feels like an old friend, always ready to help you put your best face forward.

Eyeliner is like the supportive friend who’s there for you through thick and thin. It’s that friend who boosts your confidence on days when you need an extra dose of self-assuredness, and it celebrates your triumphs when you’re feeling fabulous.

Much like your ever-evolving style, eyeliner offers a world of possibilities. It’s like the versatile wardrobe in your closet, filled with outfits for every mood and occasion. From classic black for that timeless elegance to vibrant colors that match your adventurous spirit, it’s your style sidekick.

Applying eyeliner is an art you’ve practiced and perfected over time, much like a skill or hobby you’re passionate about. It’s your personal touch, akin to the way you add your signature to a work of art or pour your heart into your favorite pastime.

Eyeliner isn’t just a makeup product; it’s your trusted companion in self-expression. It’s like that friend who encourages you to embrace your unique features, whether that means defining your eyes subtly or crafting an alluring, dramatic look that speaks volumes.

And let’s not forget the rich history and cultural significance. Eyeliner is like a cultural heritage passed down through generations, connecting you to the traditions and stories of those who came before you. It’s a bridge between your personal journey and a tapestry of diverse beauty customs.

In the world of cosmetics, eyeliner is your loyal partner, always by your side to empower you, inspire your creativity, and pay homage to the timeless wisdom of beauty. It’s your beauty ally, enhancing not only your appearance but also your connection to your inner self and the world around you.

Exploring the World of Eyeliner: Types and Options

Exploring the World of Eyeliner: Types and Options

You’re diving into the fantastic world of eyeliners, each type with its own charm and style. It’s like having a toolbox for your eyes to create different looks, from subtle enhancements to bold and dramatic expressions. Here’s a friendly guide to help you navigate this exciting realm:

1. Pencil Eyeliner – The Trusty Companion:

  • These are like your favorite comfy jeans. They’re easy to use, like drawing with a pencil. Great for beginners or those mornings when you’re in a hurry.
  • They come in various colors, so you can be as creative as you want. But watch out, they might smudge a bit, so use a primer or setting powder for backup.

2. Liquid Eyeliner – The Precision Artist:

  • Think of liquid eyeliners as your fine-tipped paintbrush. Perfect for those sleek lines, and they’re your go-to for that dramatic winged look.
  • You can choose from waterproof, matte, or glossy options. They’re the marathon runners in the eyeliner world, lasting all day without smudging.

3. Gel Eyeliner – The Versatile Performer:

  • Gel eyeliners offer the best of both worlds – precision and ease. Like a reliable friend, they’re always there when you need them.
  • You can create anything from subtle lines to bold wings with these. They also have the superpower of being smudge-proof and long-lasting.

4. Cream Eyeliner – The Artist’s Canvas:

  • Cream eyeliners are like your palette of paints. Soft and pliable, you can use them for smudged or smoky eye looks, creating your own masterpiece.
  • They’re known for lasting a long time without smudging, just like a piece of art that stands the test of time.

5. Kohl Eyeliner – The Free Spirit:

  • Kohl eyeliners are like your bohemian friends – soft, colorful, and ready to create a little chaos (in a good way). Perfect for smudging and adding a bit of mystique.
  • They come in various shades and are used in different makeup traditions worldwide, bringing a touch of cultural diversity to your eyes.

6. Cake Eyeliner – The Drama Queen:

  • Imagine cake eyeliners as your theatrical side. They come in a compact form and require a little water to unleash their intensity.
  • You can use them with a brush to create bold, statement lines. Perfect for special occasions and artistic makeup.

7. Automatic Eyeliner – The Low-Maintenance Pal:

  • Automatic eyeliners are like the low-maintenance friends who are always there for you. No need to sharpen them, making life a bit simpler.
  • They’re easy to use and maintain, perfect for your everyday, no-fuss eyeliner needs.

8. Glitter Eyeliner – The Party Starter:

  • Glitter eyeliners are like that sparkling friend who brings the fun to the party. They add a touch of glamour and shimmer to your look.
  • You can use them to shine on special occasions or layer them over regular eyeliner for a dazzling effect.

When you’re choosing an eyeliner, it’s a bit like picking the right tool for a craft project. Consider your skill level, the look you want to achieve, and how long you want your eyeliner to last. So, have fun experimenting with these eyeliner types and colors to discover your unique style. Remember, good lighting and a steady hand are your best allies for creating that perfect eye-catching look!

The Power of Precision: Achieving Symmetrical Eyes with Eyeliner

The Power of Precision: Achieving Symmetrical Eyes with Eyeliner

1. Asymetrical Eyes
If one eye is slightly larger than the other, you’ll want to use a liner technique that will help you correct and equal out both your eyes. Using a black kohl liner, along the lashline, from the inner corner to the outer corner, increasing the width at the outer corner on the slightly uneven eye only to make it appear wider and even can help you with major issues of your looks.

2. Close set eyes
The key to this eye shape is creating the illusion that your eyes are wider apart than they are. First, use concealer on the inner corners to lighten and open up the eye area. Then, on the outer third part of your eye, create a “V” shape using a black liner, and then trace the shape with a jumbo liquid liner to make a thick wing.

3. Monolids
Extend the product up the upper lid so the fold on the lower lid doesn’t hide your liner. Apply it along the lashline from inner to outer corner and stopping where the eye ends. You can also smudge it out at the outer corners, using a small smudger brush.

4. Wide eyes

They can do a variety of looks and carry them all gracefully. So, go bold. Try a really thick cat-eye on this eye shape. Using a waterproof black liner pencil, create a tiny “V” in the inner corner of your eye. Then, go over the line with a liquid liner and wing it out at the outer corner for a patent-leather look.

5. Small eyes
To widen small eyes, apply a taupe shadow over the eyelid all the way up to the crease. Next, along the lashline, use a black kohl pencil. Smudge it with your fingertips and top with a dark brown eye shadow, increasing the amount of shadow at the outer corners. Along the lower lashline, repeat the black liner/brown shadow combo. Lastly, apply a light pink blush using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to the upper outer corners of your eyelid, which instantly opens up the eye.

6. Almond eyes
To accentuate almond eyes, line the inner upper and lower lashes with a waterproof kohl pencil the entire way around your eyes, then trace the outer corners of the upper and lower lashlines, smudging it with a smudged brush. Then, top it with a gunmetal gray shadow to soften it and use bronzer to accentuate the crease for a natural effect.

Eyeliner Elegance: The Beautiful Benefits of Defining Your Eyes

Let’s talk about eyeliner, a true friend in your makeup adventure. Whether you’re a makeup beginner or a pro, let’s delve into the marvelous ways eyeliner can boost your self-esteem and reveal your genuine beauty:

  1. Eyes That Sparkle: Think of eyeliner as the sparkly frame that makes your eyes pop and shine. It’s like the “wow” factor for your peepers.
  2. The Eye Shape Whisperer: Eyeliner is your secret tool to play with eye shapes. It can transform round eyes into dreamy almond shapes, lift up those droopy lids, and bring harmony to your eyes’ unique story.
  3. Lush Lashes with a Wave of a Wand: Want those enviable, lush lashes? Imagine eyeliner as your magic wand. A touch on your upper lash line can turn them into luscious, inviting curtains for your soul windows.
  4. Express Yourself in Color and Line: Eyeliner isn’t just makeup; it’s your artistic canvas. Pencils, liquids, gels – they’re all brushes in your creative palette. Paint a soft, everyday portrait or a bold, dramatic masterpiece, it’s all you.
  5. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Eyeliner is like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle that completes the whole picture. It adds the finishing touch, making your entire look feel polished and put-together.
  6. Your Magic Eraser: Those little imperfections? They’re no match for eyeliner. It’s like a magician’s wand, camouflaging small blemishes and giving your eyes a velvety, flawless finish.
  7. Timeless Beauty Secret: As we gracefully age, eyeliner keeps your eyes ageless. It’s like a gentle, friendly reminder that your eyes are your timeless gems.
  8. A Dose of Confidence: When you apply eyeliner, it’s not just makeup; it’s a shot of confidence. Knowing your eyes are looking their best gives you that extra spring in your step.
  9. Versatile as Your Mood: Eyeliner is as versatile as your ever-changing moods. It’s at ease in the office with a subtle line or on the town with a bold, expressive wing.
  10. Part of the Beauty Ensemble: Eyeliner is that trusty companion that goes hand in hand with other makeup friends like eyeshadow and mascara. Together, they create a symphony of beauty.
  11. The Beauty Classic: Eyeliner is like a classic, comforting melody. It’s been part of the beauty routine for centuries, transcending cultures and times. It’s here to stay and celebrate your inner beauty.

So, welcome eyeliner into your beauty circle. It’s not just about looking beautiful; it’s about feeling beautiful. It’s about letting your unique, radiant beauty shine through your eyes, with eyeliner as your faithful companion on the journey.

The Unseen Perils: Understanding the Risks of Eyeliner

The Unseen Perils: Understanding the Risks of Eyeliner

Okay, we’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for a big night out or an important event, and you reach for your trusty eyeliner. It’s like your magic wand for fabulous eyes, but here’s the catch: eyeliner comes with its own set of behind-the-scenes dramas you may not have realized. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of eyeliner risks that hit closer to home.

1. The Surprise Eye Infections: Picture this – you’ve rocked a smoky eye with your favorite eyeliner pencil, and the next morning, your eyes are red and itchy. Yup, you might be facing an eye infection thanks to sneaky bacteria hanging out on your eyeliner tool. So, remember to give those tools a good clean now and then to dodge this not-so-glamorous situation.

2. That Unwanted Allergic Drama: Imagine this: you’ve got a hot date or an important meeting, and suddenly, your eyes start swelling, itching, and turning into a not-so-cute mess. It’s probably an allergic reaction to your eyeliner ingredients. Always do a quick ingredient check and, if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies, test a small spot first to avoid any last-minute beauty blunders.

3. Dry Eyes and Irritation: The Uninvited Guests: You know that feeling when your eyes become drier than the Sahara? Frequent eyeliner use can be the culprit, leaving you with dry, irritated eyes. It’s like your eyes are asking for a spa day! Be mindful of how much you’re using, especially on your waterline, and keep some eye drops on hand if dry eyes are your nemesis.

4. The Stubborn Styes That Won’t Leave: Ouch! That painful bump on your eyelid, known as a stye, can crash your beauty party. It might be caused by bad eyeliner application or using old products. To avoid these unwanted guests, apply your eyeliner with care and toss any products that have seen better days.

5. Pencil and Brush Troubles: Your pencil eyeliner or brush might seem innocent, but they can become a breeding ground for germs over time. Don’t forget to sharpen those pencils and give those brushes a good clean to avoid transferring these unwelcome hitchhikers to your eyes.

6. Corneal Drama: Your cornea, that clear front part of your eye, is essential for clear vision, and scratches on it are a pain, literally. It’s like having a cracked windshield for your soul. So, be gentle when applying eyeliner, and choose products that won’t harm your precious peepers.

7. The Toxic Ingredients Sneak Attack: Some eyeliners contain questionable ingredients like heavy metals or preservatives that can be a real threat to your eyes. Keep an eye out for these sneaky agents by checking the product ingredients and opting for trusted brands.

To minimize the risks associated with eyeliner use, consider the following precautions:

1-Regularly clean your eyeliner tools and replace old or contaminated products.

2-Remove eyeliner before bedtime to prevent potential irritation.

3-Avoid sharing eyeliner with others to reduce the risk of infection transmission.

4-Be cautious about using eyeliner on the waterline (inner rim) of the eye, as it can lead to greater product contact with the eye’s surface.

5-Conduct a patch test if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies to ensure you won’t have an adverse reaction to a new eyeliner product.

6-Choose eyeliners with hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested formulations.

We all want our eyeliner to be our BFF, not our secret enemy. To keep your eyes safe and looking fabulous, remember to give your tools a good cleaning, resist the urge to share, be extra careful with your waterline, and choose eyeliner products that treat your eyes with the love and care they deserve. Because, let’s face it, our eyes should steal the spotlight, not suffer in silence!


In this comprehensive guide on achieving perfect eyeliner for your specific eye shape in 2023, we’ve explored six powerful techniques to enhance your eye makeup game. We delved into the art of eyeliner application, understanding how different eye shapes require tailored approaches for the most flattering results. From mastering the classic cat-eye to creating the illusion of larger or more balanced eyes, you now have the tools to rock any look with confidence.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration. But our beauty journey doesn’t end here! We’d love to hear your experiences, tips, and tricks for achieving perfect eyeliner. Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, and engage with our community as we all strive for eyeliner perfection together. After all, beauty is an ongoing adventure, and every eye has a unique story to tell!


What is eyeliner, and what is its purpose?

Eyeliner is a cosmetic product used to define and enhance the eyes. It is applied along the upper and/or lower lash lines to create a variety of looks, from natural to dramatic.

What are the different types of eyeliner available?

There are several types of eyeliners, including pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and cake eyeliner. Each type has its own application technique and finish.

How do I choose the right eyeliner for my needs?

The choice of eyeliner depends on your personal preference, the look you want to achieve, and your skill level. Pencil eyeliners are great for beginners, while liquid eyeliners offer precision and drama.

Can eyeliner be harmful to the eyes?

Eyeliner can pose risks, such as eye infections or irritations, if not used or maintained properly. It’s essential to follow good hygiene practices and avoid sharing eyeliner to minimize these risks.

What are some common eyeliner techniques and styles?

Popular eyeliner techniques include creating a classic winged eyeliner, tightlining (applying eyeliner to the waterline), and smudging for a smoky look. Styles range from natural to bold, depending on your preference.

How do I apply eyeliner for different eye shapes?

The key is to understand your eye shape and choose techniques that enhance it. For example, a cat-eye look can elongate round eyes, while a smudged liner can soften the appearance of hooded eyes.

What should I do if I make a mistake while applying eyeliner?

Mistakes are common. You can use a cotton swab or makeup remover to correct errors. In the case of liquid eyeliner, apply a thin line of concealer or eyeshadow to cover mistakes.

Are there any tips for achieving a long-lasting eyeliner look?

To make your eyeliner last, consider using a primer, setting it with eyeshadow, and choosing waterproof formulas for activities where you might come into contact with water.

Can eyeliner be used on the waterline (inner rim of the eye)?

Yes, eyeliner can be applied to the waterline to create different looks. However, be cautious, as it may irritate some individuals, and using a waterproof or long-lasting formula can help it stay in place.

Are there any eyeliner products recommended for people with sensitive eyes?

Hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist-tested eyeliners are generally better choices for those with sensitive eyes. It’s essential to read product labels and test a small amount if you have a history of allergies.

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