12 Things Men Observe But You Don’t


There has been an ongoing debate about, men are better or women and to find the answer to the women’s behavior. Here we have a list of things men notice that women don’t and they might be more reassuring than you think.
1. Effort
Conflicting the general belief, if you make an effort to get along with his friends or force down that meatloaf he knows you hate just to make his mom happy, he’s probably going to notice that. So, pay attention to how you behave.
2. He notices if you repeat your clothes
If you’ve been skipping laundry for a while and you’re sporting the same food-stained, smelly sweats for days in a row, he’s likely one day away from offering you a Tide pod. You don’t want that, do you?

3. Your quirks
Do you shun that crack in the sidewalk, or do you have to price check every item before you purchase them? You might overlook these little habits but men probably won’t. They notice every little thing!
4. How good you sing in the shower
You know how several intense shower sessions get you start singing. Yes, he’s probably noticed that too.
5. Your interaction with others
He is likely to notice how you interact with others. How often do you yell at your sister when she’s driving you insane? Do you have a baby voice when you’re talking to your pet? He’s noticed. So, be careful! Don’t shout often, he’ll be annoyed!
6. Your texting habits.
Men will likely pay attention to your every emoji to see how interested you are, in the beginning. Girls who aren’t enthusiastic texters might find guys reading into their quick replies or dry humor. No one said we have to make it easy. The next time you send ‘k’ instead of okay he’s going to take this as a cold reaction!
7. What perks you up
>Your man probably made a mental note when he realized he got out of an argument after bringing you a Big Mac. He’ll keep that in mind that perks you up!
>8. Your sense of humor
If he manages to get a laugh out of you through his jokes he’s going to continue to pay attention to what cracks you up.
9. If you snore when you sleep.
This is going to be fun! because both of you will deny. So, none of us snore.
10. Your Movie Choice
>Are you a sci-fi lover? Do you harbor an unhealthy obsession for Noah Calhoun? Do you own every Harry Potter DVD? (That one’s probably just me). Whether action, fantasy or rom-com films are your cup of tea, he’s getting a sense of what you’re drawn to. This is actually exciting!
11. When you say something is “OK” but it isn’t.
We notice when “OK” isn’t OK but then when sometimes we don’t, our tone, facial expression or body language say otherwise and chances are he knows. He knows you well, dear!
12. How confident you are
Whether it’s bra on or bra off that makes you feel confident, he’s more attuned to how comfortable you feel than to those little things that might make you self-conscious. So, next time when you are struggling with that dress, chances are that he already knows it!