10 Dangerous Myths About The “Soulmate” Relationship


For some reasons, a lot of people think a lot of things about the twin flame relationships. They assume it will fix them and that finding someone to be with is the answer to all of their problems but it isn’t.
Far too many of us have allowed the definition of a twin flame to become warped into something it is not. Yes, twin flames do exist and yes they are special but they are not what you think they are. Have you ever noticed a lot of the teachings in regards to the twin flame relationship spend most of their time pointing out the runner/chaser aspect? Is that really all they think it is? There is so much more to focus on than just that.
Below I am going to go over some of the more common myths in regards to twin flames and twin flame relationships. While some of you might want to argue with me on some of them I believe they are myths with all of my being. If you can come to accept the truth within what I am saying you will also better understand yourself and your potential relationship with your mirroring soul.

10 Myths We All Need to Be Aware of In Regards to “Twin Flame Relationships”:
1. Twin flames are always romantic relationships.
This is completely false. Twin flames are not going to manifest as romantic relationships each time they manifest. Sometimes you might both be born into the same time period only to find that one of you is 20 or 30 years older than the other. Being in a romantic relationship when your twin is only a child still is NOT an option. You can still come across one another and feel connected without having a ‘romantic’ encounter.
2. Twin flame relationships are perfect relationships.
Why do people think this? Twin flame relationships can be and usually are painful and overwhelming. They are not all happiness and fun, they are intense and frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, they are beyond worth it but they are also not as ‘perfect’ as some people make it out to be. For those who might be wondering, perfection does not exist in this world.
3. Your twin flame cannot be with anyone but you.
You might find your twin flame and learn that he or she is already married, sometimes we are not meant to be together. When it comes to a twin flame relationship both parties have to be ready for things to work. We are not meant to wait for one another until the ends of time, we will have relationships with other people in many lives.4. Your twin flame will find you in every life.
Sometimes we will incarnate only to never find our twin flame. Sometimes he or she isn’t even on the same plane of existence as we are. Don’t obsess over this, just because you aren’t able to find your twin doesn’t mean there are no meaningful connections for you on this planet.
5. You will feel whole when you find your twin flame.
You won’t feel as if you have found the rest of your being when you find your twin. Sure, you will feel great and there will be an instant connection but it’s not the same kind of feeling that people like to make it out to be. Don’t get me wrong, it will make you happy but it won’t complete you, you are only able to find completion from within.
6. Only false twins fail/don’t work out.
Sometimes things don’t work out with our actual twin. Once again, if one part of the pair is not ready things will not work. Sure, false twins won’t work either but sometimes things are not going to work with our ACTUAL twins.
>7. Your twin flame will take away all of your problems and pain.
>Finding your twin flame is not going to solve all of your problems, I cannot stress this enough. You will still have problems and you will still go through changes. Life does not become perfect just because you have found someone who is apart of you. Yes, things will become different but they will not become pain-free.
8. Twin flames have everything in common.
Sometimes twin flames have a few things in common, sure this is to be expected but they won’t be the exact same. Usually, twins are complete opposites to be completely honest. Don’t spend too much time looking for someone who is exactly like you, that is not realistic.
9. Your twin flame will never betray you.
Your twin flame might cheat on you or even completely break your heart. You cannot ever truly be aware of what to expect. Sometimes we are not ready for the twin flame relationship and bad things happen, this is not your fault.
10. You will want to be with your twin flame as soon as you meet him or her.
Sometimes we meet our twin and still don’t pursue a relationship with one another for quite some time. There is no right or wrong way to go about getting together. You have to go at your own pace.