Shocking Facts About Your Period You Must Know


1: – Your man finds you less attractive during menstruation


Sorry to break it to you this way but the peculiar smell of a woman when she is on her period affects the testosterone levels of a man. A study published in Psychological Science claims that men can identify that a woman is on her period by smelling her clothes. Another interesting study reveals that strippers make double the money in tips when they are ovulating as compared to when they are menstruating. There’s a reason ‘that time of the month’ is called a monthly break.

2: – Menstruation makes you horny

See, there’s good news too! When a woman is on her period, she produces less amount of progesterone hormone. This hormone is a buzz kill for a woman’s libido. Less progesterone means higher sex drive. That is the reason a woman is at her romantic best when she is menstruating.

3: – The amount of blood you lose every month

During their menstruation cycle, the average blood loss that a woman goes through is approximately three tablespoons. Will you get rid of the ‘yuck’ expression, please! It is important that you know how much blood you are giving away for a mighty cause of reproduction. Any woman who experiences blood loss that amounts to a cup full or more should immediately see a doctor. It could be a sign of a serious medical problem.

4: – The cold-hearted period

It is believed that women experience longer, more painful and heavy blood flow period during the cold seasons. Summers are comparatively more lenient.

5: – Your voice changes during menstruation

According to a study published in a journal of Evolution and Human Behaviour, the attractiveness of a woman’s voice varies during her menstrual cycle. Another study that appeared in theEthology Journal claims that hormonal changes during menstruation is the cause of change in a woman’s voice. It further explains that males have the capacity to identify these changes. The study revealed that men find a woman’s voice less attractive when she is on her period.

6: – Ten years of blood flow, and you are still alive

An average female menstruates for nearly ten years of her entire lifetime. Which is about 3500 days! Think about it. Don’t you feel supernatural after this? Well, I do.

7: – You can get pregnant on your period

So don’t try those stunts anymore! It is possible for a woman to conceive when she is menstruating. Though the chances of this are relatively low, the sperm can stay active in a woman’s body for about a week. The end of your period is a high-risk time for getting pregnant.

8: – You think like a male during menstruation

The estrogen levels in a woman’s body drop during menstruation. This activates the “male cognitive skills” in her. Thus, in certain ways, especially in areas of spatial thinking, women come very close to the way men think. That’s good or bad? Well, you decide for yourself.

9: – PMS brings out the shopaholic in you

According to research done by the University of Hertfordshire, women tend to shop much more than usual, ten days before their period. And what’s wrong in that? Retail therapy is one of the best ways to get over PMS blues. And we need no study to prove that.

10: – Periods can make you bleed from other places too

What? No!

Yes. It’s rare but true. An unusual medical condition called “vicarious menstruation” makes women bleed from their eyes, nose, lungs, ears, mouth and skin during their menstruation period. That’s as scary as it can get.

Now that you know these fascinating menstrual secrets, you are officially the favorite niece of Aunt Flo. Let’s hope she makes your chumming time a little less painful.