What Has Changed Between ‘Then’ And ‘Now’? These Pictures Have The Answers


Change depends on where it is good or bad.We are still trying to figure out why and how do things become different, it does not hurt when things change but when people change or rather when their priorities do, we get deeply affected.

Coming over to lifestyle changing over the years. Days gone night swiped.

From advancement in this world, indulging in excessive show-off on social media, and the lack of emotions, this world has undergone an unacceptable change. This makes us feel nostalgic for the days gone by .

It’s sad to see how toys have been replaced with video games and rhymes on tablets, how kids these days do not go out to play and have fun, how they are addicted to phones and suck on the TV screen.

This THEN and NOW series shows how our ways of life have changed over time.

1. Not just human, animals have also changed according to time.

2. Then jogging means fitness, now jogging means social media updates.

3. Then adventure means outing with friends. Now adventure means outing with gadgets.

4. Toys were used to be real then. Now everything is virtual.

5. Friends used to mean fun, but now they begin and end with social media

6. Mixed emotions for this ‘SMART’ change!