7 Misconceptions People Have About Making Love


Sex is one of the most natural things a human could possibly do. It’s good for you, it makes you feel good as well, and it gives your relationship that one thing that makes it a lot more intimate. It’s an experience that is completely unique and different than any other. This is why there is such a huge fascination with it.

Since it’s been one of the main “adult” topics since the dawn of time, for today we’ve managed to gather some of the most common misconceptions regarding sex and the sexual life of one person.

If You Have Nothing Hot to Say, Don’t Say Anything at All

Being verbal while having sex can be a very interesting thing that can spice up things even more. But, if you find yourself thinking about what you’re about to say, it’s better not to say anything at all.

The verbalness during sex should be natural, instinctive and you should not try to pick your words while doing so.

Compliment your partner, tell them how much you love them, and don’t hold back.

This Is Not the Stone Age – Men Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get to Make the First Move

Even though society is still going hard on being driven through patriarchal roads, it doesn’t mean that you have to be part of the group too. It’s just not pretty. If you’re a girl, or guy or whatever, and you like someone, just go up and start a conversation!

And don’t get us started with sex. If you feel like you’re in the mood, set the entire atmosphere, go out there and swipe your partner off their feet!

It’s 2018 – Don’t Be a Size Queen

Penis size is one of the most irrelevant and unimportant criteria that does NOT define a man of our time. We are much better than that. Yes, it’s important to feel satisfied by your partner sexually, but that has nothing to do with the size of their member.

If your man has a good technique, self-confidence, and knows what gets you fired up, you are going to have lots of fun!

Pole-Dancing Is Not Only for the Club

Have you been watching all of those adult performers who can completely kill it on a stripper pole? If you like it so much, why not try it out for yourself?

There is a pole-dancing class in almost every town across the globe. If you’re that into it, get some practice and go and surprise your guy/girl!

If You’re Not Wearing a Condom, Don’t Even Think About It

Seriously, guys. Are we still having this conversation in 2018? If you don’t have condoms with you, just don’t even think about it. Not only you’re exposing yourself to a risk, but the person who you’re about to do it with as well.

So just go to the local store and get a pack of condoms. It doesn’t cost much, and in a lot of places, people give it for free as well. Don’t play around with your health!

Dance in the Dark?

There is a lot of sensuality behind having sex in the dark. But, have you ever tried actually having sex with the lights on? A dim light next to your bed might not be the worst idea ever.

Establishing eye-contact with your partner during sex is incredibly important to make it even more special and exciting, so you should try that out next time.

If you’re having issues with your self-confidence, try to work on it and don’t forget that your partner is probably feeling the same way as well.

Plan It Out

Get some candles, get some rose petals and place them on your bed. It’s always nice to see that your partner actually took some time to be intimate with you.

Try to make it a bit more special by doing some minimal work. Not only is your partner going to feel appreciated and loved, but you’re also going to feel amazing as well.

Try to make a greater, broader experience out of sex every time you do it.

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