30-Second Daily Skin Care Tips That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger!


There are certain methods you can do in order to look younger and fresher.

Surely you take care of your skin on a daily basis, change the pillowcase regularly, and many other things that are of great importance for the health of the skin.

We will present you a lot of other things which can help you to rejuvenate and soften your skin:

1. Never go to bed with your makeup on. That is the worst thing you can do for the skin

2. After cleaning, massage your face with your fingertips in order to improve the circulation of blood, stimulate the face muscles, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Don’t pop your pimples; you’ll just make matters worse.

4. Try to keep your hands off your face unless you’ve just washed them. We are constantly exposed to germs and bacteria and by touching our face all the time we transfer them.

5. Follow a healthy eating regimen, eat skin-friendly products.

6. Store your eye creams in the fridge to keep them cold.

7. Ice cubes can’t help you when you have pimples.

8. The best place where you can find natural skin care products is your very own kitchen. There’s a plethora of products you can use from coconut oil, oatmeal and sugar scrubs to tea treatments and olive oil.

9. You need to clean your mobile phone regularly to prevent the bacteria and germs from transferring to your face.

10. You need to have separate towels for the hair and face.

11. Make sure to change your pillowcase regularly

12. Be careful when applying hair products, because they can damage the skin.

13. Understand what your acne breakouts are trying to tell you.

Acne is your body’s way of communicating that there’s something wrong internally. That pimple on your forehead? You might be having liver issues. A breakout near your chin? A hormone imbalance is probably to blame.

14. You need to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

15. Switch to organic food.

16. Remove dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin regularly.

17. Try to use natural skin care products. Heavily fragranced face creams and masks usually contain a load of chemicals which can damage your skin and cause irritation.