21 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Vagina


Every woman should show some concern about her vaginal health. A healthy vagina is inherently acidic and comprises of rich measures of helpful bacteria that aid in fending off infections and maintaining a natural pH level. A healthy vagina secretes little amounts of discharge for keeping itself clean and tidy, significantly as saliva is made for helping you clean your mouth. Any intrusion with these natural settings, and you might be facing vaginal infections or some sort of irritation down there.

Here are the things, which you need to avoid if you wish to keep your va-jay-jay healthy.

Using Home Remedies

The setting inside your vagina has a very delicate balance, and if you go about using the home remedies like tea-tree oil or whatever it is that have you, probably you would end up having excessive pain or perhaps some sort of infection.

And above, these remedies might not even be effective; hence you better visit the doctor if you’re undergoing pain, discomfort, or rather a yeast infection.

Wearing Skinny Jeans

It doesn’t mean you throw all your favorite skinny jeans in the trash. You can wear it occasionally. But just try wearing cotton pants instead, they are somewhat breathable and also looks cool as a plus.

Wearing somewhat tight-fitted clothes all the time could lead towards pressure acne or yeast infections, besides no one wants to have either of these things. Simply make sure that you are giving some room to your lady parts so they can breathe.

Using Scented Products

You have no idea how delicate your vagina is.

Again, I cannot stress enough how sensitive your vagina and vaginal area really is. Upon adding flavors and fragrances to the balance, your pH will fall far off kilter also you can wind-up having an infection, or simply a general uneasiness and a more likely a pungent smell.

Scratching It

Everybody gets a little itchy down there, even the fittest ones among us. However, you should still try resisting the temptation. And you could cause further irritation, although the worst thing would be postponing further actual care for a rather bigger issue as bacterial vaginosis.

V – Piercing

Well, I’m quite certain there are several tempting reasons for piercing your genitals, such as improved stimulation. However, you genuinely should consider the pros in contradiction of the cons on this one.

Just think, having a septic piercing in such a delicate part of your own body, or picture what would it feel like if your piercing gets in the way while you are getting intimate or having sexual intercourse. It is simply a better idea if you don’t get it done in the first place. Mainly because you never know who would be piercing your lady parts, they could be someone with having any experience.

Decorating It With Dyes Or Gems

Your vagina is excellent in its natural state, and anyone shouldn’t be allowed to comment on it otherwise. Now talking about beautifying it through different stuff; the vagina is the most sensitive part of your body, and you sure don’t want to mess with that. The cement on the glowing rocks can bother your delicate skin and the chemical substances in colors can disturb your pH levels, which may result in severe rashes and itchy skin. Praise your own magnificence!


Cleansing actually clears your vagina from all the microbes even the important ones that hold your corrosiveness levels under wraps. By removing these bacteria, you are abandoning yourself entirely unprotected against diseases. Vaginas are designed in a way that they don’t need much cleaning through soaps, as they produce a substance, which acts as a natural cleanser. So, washing the outer layer with unscented soap is just fine.

Going To A Low Rated Waxing Spa

Each lady is qualified for prep herself however she sees fit; you ought to dependably investigate the waxing salon before booking an arrangement. Ensure that they don’t reprocess the instrument into the hot wax, as you don’t need the wax that has been on another lady’s woman bits touching yours, taking a chance with the exchange of germs, or more awful. You additionally need a worker who comprehends what they’re doing, because an unpracticed worker can abandon you with awkward and unattractive ingrown hair that could then prompt diseases.

Wearing Dirty Underwear

Always wear clean undergarments in order to keep your vagina safe from infections. Almost every woman releases some kind of fluid from her vagina on a daily basis, so it should be your habit to change it frequently. It is better to go to the laundry room than go to a doctor.

Popping Pimples

Always wear clean undergarments in order to keep your vagina safe from infections. Almost every woman releases some kind of fluid from her vagina on a daily basis, so it should be your habit to change it frequently. It is better to go to the laundry room than go to a doctor.

Using Perfume

Once you have found out that that using scented products can be harmful for you genitals, what women do is they start to use perfume instead. They usually spray directly on their private part or they just apply it to their underwear in order to smell good. This may sound like a clever idea, but the truth is that apply perfume on such a sensitive area can cause your skin to react, developing a very itchy and painful rash. So it is wise to reserve you perfume for your upper body and avoid applying it to the pubic region.

Self Diagnosis

When women feel a pain or feel that something is wrong, they usually visit the internet and find cures for the pain. This is very wrong, you do not know which study on the internet is researched and is authentic, and so it is in your best interest to visit a health care professional for such a thing. You do not want to experiment on your body especially when the problem is with the most delicate part.

Leaving The Area Wet

Women tend to bathe with extremely hot water, it is recommended that you don’t expose your vagina to such harsh conditions; instead you should use warm water to prevent over dryness. The other problem is that when in a hurry women tend to just put on clothes right after they have washed their private parts. It is important to dry yourself completely before you put on clothes. Failure to do so may lead to bacterial and fungal growth on your vulva and you do not want it. So next time you take a shower or a bath, remember to dry the area thoroughly before putting on your underwear.

Using Unsanitized Items

When you are in the moment or you just feel like escaping the tension, women usually tend to take the load off by using sex toys. If you want to prevent any kind of rash or infection make sure your toys are sanitized. Using a fresh condom on the toy is the best way to prevent infections. Even if you are using your hand make sure it is clean.

Wearing Panty Liners Every Day

Most women use panty liners to absorb the vaginal discharge during their period, most women find these liners comfortable and make a habit of wearing them every day. This makes the nether area, warm and humid, hence the perfect environment for bacterial growth. So it is recommended for you to not use these liners regularly and even if you do you should change them every 4 hours or so.

Using Vaseline

Vaseline contains petroleum, so using it as a lubricant can cause your vaginal PH to change thus causing severe infections. If you feel the need to use lube, try using one with a neutral ph.

Exposing The Part To Steam

Nowadays it has become a tradition to go to spas and sit on special seats in order to expose your vagina to steam and other herbal remedies. Although it might feel really good and it might also decrease the menstrual pain. There is no proof for the efficiency of this treatment and it can cause severe burns and irritation in your intimate areas.

Wiping Unhygienically

Drying yourself properly after peeing is essential for hygiene. Drying yourself improperly can prove to be infectious. Women usually wipe back to front, this can cause the bacteria present near the anus to transport into the vagina and get absorbed causing severe infections. To prevent these sorts of infections, it is important to wipe front to back and change the toilet paper after each wipe.

Using Substances To Relieve Menstrual Pain

Every woman knows that menstrual pain can be very uncomfortable and they would go to extreme extents to relieve themselves of this pain. A company named “Foria” invented marijuana capsules to insert into your vagina and relieve yourself of the pain. It is in your best interest to avoid using such uncertified medications.

Peeing Before Sex

Peeing after sex is very helpful but right before, can cause severe and painful urinary tract infections. Holding it in is considered better than peeing before.

Wearing Underwear While Sleeping

When you go to sleep let your lady parts breathe. It’s not that you should sleep naked, it’s just that consider wearing something loose and airy. Wearing underwear while going to sleep promotes bacterial growth; therefore, causing infections.