13 Signs That Will Ensure You Are In Happy Relationship


13 Signs That Will Ensure You Are In Happy Relationship

Everything has its own good and bad elements. The same goes for relationships as well. A relationship also has its own ups and downs at times, one feels that he/she is living in the best relationship, whereas at times it feels that they are in the worst phase of their relationship.
A relationship is all about accepting each other the way you are, with all the flaws. Anything which is constant isn’t interesting, hence ups and downs in a relationship add more fun into the relationship! We are up with some signs which speak a lot of positive things about your relationship!

Have a look and make out whether you are in a happy relationship or not?


When a relationship lacks respect, it isn’t happy! It is vital to respect each other in a relationship, be it decision wise or opinion wise. One of the most important signs of a bond!
You know each other’s laughing vein

A relationship can be happy only when there is no place for awkwardness and silence. You both know to put up with each other’s worst mood and make each other laugh.

You have friends in common

This is one of the most amazing signs. When you have friends in common the relationship is more compatible with you guys share the same social circle.
There is fun in everything

You are in a happy bond when you enjoy everything, be it doing nothing. You guys just need each other’s company.

You stand by each other

No matter what happens, you two always stand by each other’s side! One of them which speaks that you are in a happy and healthy bond.
Kissing is always fun

Be it in bed or public, you can kiss each other like there is no tomorrow. Kissing is never a no!
Positive fights

You don’t hold back anything in your heart! You people sort out things by discussing it out. No grudges!

You don’t play dirty games

You people never ignore each other or make anybody feel low! You never play ugly games with each other!

You feel lucky to have each other

You both keep telling each other that how happy you are to have each other. There is no place for ungratefulness, which is one of the strongest signs!

They have made you a better person

Nobody can treat you the way they do. You have improved as a human because of them.

The bed is your favorite place

You don’t need any occasion for spooning, cuddling or making over! It is always on!


You trust each other blindly and there is no doubt in your hearts for each other!

Developed each other’s taste

You both have become so habitual or comfortable with each other that you talk about the same things and never get bored!