No More Wasting Money If You Try These 25 Genius Clothing Hacks!


Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, why not use these 33 clothing hacks to keep your clothing fresh, fixed and free!




1. De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor.

After you’ve run a razor over your clothing, use tape to pick off any left overs.




2. Sew On A Button




3. A Tie Is A Man’s Jewellery.

You don’t need a lot of ties, just a few different ways to tie it.


4. Use A Sharpie To Cover Bleach Stains.

Blot out the bleach instantly.


5. Use a Hair Straighteners As a Collar Iron.

Don’t have the heat to high or leave the straighteners on the fabric too long or you may cause damage… and a fire.



6. Fix A Zipper With Candle Wax, Crayons, A Pencil Or Nail Polish.



7. Stop Your Fly from Opening.

Use an elastic band, or buy an actual Zip Holder.



8. Take Jean Hems Up Yourself.


9. Use Shaving Foam To Remove Make-Up Stains.

We recommend washing the clothing after you’ve covered it in shaving foam though.



10. Attach Something To The End Of Your Pyjama Ties To Stop Them From Disappearing Into The Hem.

A safety pin may a bit stabby, so re recommend a button or a thick hairband.



11. Widen Shoes By Filling Them With Water

It may seem like madness, but placing water inside your shoes and putting them in the freezer overnight will expand them so they fit perfectly.



12. Use A Straw So You Never Lose Your Hoody Strings Again.

You only need an inch of straw, there’s no need to have the whole string covered in straws



13. Wear Your Leather Jacket In The Rain To Get That Distressed Look

Not into the glossy, new leather jacket look? Create the distressed, vintage look by wearing the jacket in bad weather.



14. Try Jeans On Without Actually Trying Them On.

Jeans shopping is the most time-consuming, soul-destroying experience ever, so instead of trying jeans on see if the waistline will fit around your neck. If it does, chances are they’ll fit your waist.



15. White Wine Removes Red Wine.



16. Window Cleaner Will Also Clean Patent Leather.



17. Talcum Powder Removes Oil Stains

Apply the talc to the area and leave it over night.



18. Lemon Juice Will Remove Armpit Odours.



19. Hem With A Glue Gun If You Want Quick Results.

If you’re in a rush or you don’t have the sewing skills necessary, just use a glue gun to take up those long items.



20. Cold Water And Vinegar Will Remove Stains

This mixture will remove stains form leather without causing any damage.



21. Use A Hairdryer To Make Shoes More Comfortable.

Put on a pair of thick socks and put on your shoes. Blow-dry your feet and the heat will stretch out your shoes.



22. Use Vaseline To Unstick A Zipper.

By greasing up the zip you’ll make it easier to undo.



23. Clear Nail Varnish Will Stop A Ladder In Your Tights.

Make sure the nail varnish is clear!



24. Pull On The Fabric Around A Thread To Pull It Back Into Place.

Move between tugging on the sides and top and bottom of the lose thread.



25. Washing Up Liquid Will Remove Oil Stains

The Dawn brand is also gentle on your clothing.