Avoid These Terrible Outfit Combination In Order Not To Look Frumpy And Less Attractive


We live in a world where the emphasis lies more on appearance rather than what lies on the inside. ‘Image’ is the buzzword no matter where you go, and to keep up a positive image you have to dress right.

Unfortunately, the fashion world is full of way too many varying styles. And mixing and matching them to your heart’s content can lead to a lot of clothing disasters. What’s worse is that disasters can make you appear tasteless and also have the potential to damage your image!

11 Everyday Things That Make Your Image Tasteless

Now you definitely don’t want to be a part of the tasteless brigade, do you? Well then, here are some everyday fashion mistakes you should avoid!

– Wearing clothes that don’t fit — too tight? too loose? not well proportioned for your body? — all of these are problematic.

– Wearing the wrong accessories. We get it if you don’t like 3-inch heeled stilettos.  However, it’s incredibly difficult to look good in a pencil skirt without wearing these kinds of shoes. Which means you have two options: don’t wear pencil skirts, or wear them with stilettos.  Similarly, a lot of women have a “set” jewelry wardrobe — they always wear the same necklace with the same earrings with the same watch with the same ring. That might be fine for the earrings and the watch, but that one necklace will not always be appropriate with every top. A simple pendant necklace might look great against the bare skin of a v-neck, a set of pearls might look great against a boatneck — and so forth. Be careful to reassess every outfit.

– Not knowing your body type. For example, the cardi this morning — which has a boxy fit and a shortish waist– might look great on a petite woman who doesn’t have much of a waist, whether because she’s heavyset or because she has a boyish figure. (That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.) On a tall woman, it would look horrible; almost juvenile.  It would also look horrible on someone with curves. Another example:  There are many (maaaany) skirt suits that hit at the knee or just below and have a slight ruffle or kick-pleats at the back of the skirt.  If you happen to have wide calves and/or wear low-heeled (or chunky) shoes, odds are that the ruffle/kick-pleat is making you look frumpy.  (And is it just us, or is it difficult to find a skirt suit in which one’s butt looks good?  We know, not the object of a suit, but still.)

 Wearing clothes and accessories that fit you in outdated ways — the single most classic example we can think of here are pants that fit you that are hemmed too short, or worn with heels that are too high for the pants.

– Sticking with trends of yesteryear. We just recently realized that a pointy-toed pair of expensive boots that we had bought a few years ago were, well, just too 2003.  They have since gone into the closet, under the theory that we will take them out again when the trend returns, but in reality will completely forget about until we move.  If there is a defining look to a season — a color, a certain puff to the sleeve and/or shoulder pads — be sure to recognize when the season is done, and retire the piece of clothing appropriately.

– Frizzy hair. Look, we hate high maintenance beauty things, and we’re certainly not suggesting you dye your hair — but the sad fact (which we’ve been acquainted with since we were 26 (damned bar exam)) is that gray hairs stick up and refuse to lay down.  In fact, we’re not even sure that dying your hair would fix this problem.  Take care to reassess your beauty regime and make sure that your hair is being conditioned properly and that, if necessary, you’ve added hair spray/other hair product to your regime.

– Hair that hasn’t been rethought in several years. You see this a lot with anchors on local tv — it’s as if they found one look that worked for them sometime in mid-95, and haven’t updated it in too long.  Find a stylist you can trust who updates your hair accordingly. It might also help to find a celebrity doppelganger.  (This was, as some of you may have noticed, all the rage on Facebook a week or so ago.)  As that person updates their hairstyle through the years, assess whether that look will work for you.

– Bad underwear. If you haven’t bought a new bra in several years… look into it, as those things stretch out over time.  Get thee to a place where they do fittings, and get an appropriately-fitting bra.

Fore more details, look at these mistakes you should avoid

Jeans With Long Tees

2. Jeans With Long Tees

A tight and long tee paired with jeans is one of those disasters you want to stay away from. This combination can make your torso look too long, which is especially awkward if you’re a tall person. If your tee is too long, tuck it in. If you don’t like tucking in, opt for tops with looser silhouettes.

Carrying Big Bags To Events

3. Carrying Big Bags To Events

Larger sized bags are surely practical but they are the wrong option for a social event – formal or informal. Carry smaller sized bags such as mini satchels or clutches instead to look effortlessly classy.

Short Skirts With Booties

4. Short Skirts With Booties

You may think that your booties will look great with your new short skirt, but the reality will be totally different. Booties with skirts can make your legs look shorter. The best kind of shoes to wear with short skirts are heels. However, if you’re not comfortable with them, you can opt for flat shoes and even a pair of calf or knee-high boots in winter.

High-Waist Tulip Skirts

7. High-Waist Tulip Skirts

We have nothing against low-waist tulip skirts; especially if you have skinny legs. But high-waist tulip skirts are not something you should wear, no matter what your leg type. These skirts do look good but only as long as you’re standing straight. Once you sit down, they create an illusion of a big, bulging belly, even if you have fab abs! If you really want to wear skirts, stick to all-time wardrobe classics such as pencil, skater, etc. taking your body shape into consideration.

Oversized Shoes

8. Oversized Shoes

Buying a shoe size bigger than your normal one is fairly common when purchasing heels. But these when worn just look ugly. Period. Always purchase your right size. To make sure you get shoes in the right size, shop for them in the morning. Your feet tend to swell and expand towards the end of the day, which can lead you to buy ill-fitting shoes.