Always lose your keys? Here are 8 life hacks that will come in handy


When you look at your set of keys, the first utility for them that comes to mind is to open your doors. However, there are lots of non-traditional uses for a key. Some that can even save your life or just make it a little bit easier.

Here are 8 key life hacks that you probably didn’t know about.

Never Lose Your Keys

Pinch the arm of a binder clip to remove them. Put keys on the arm and reattach it. Now you can clip your keys onto anything and you will never lose them again.


Scare Off Potential Attackers

If you’re nervous about walking over to your car that’s parked in a lot or if you see a suspicious car or person right near your car, you can use the panic button on your electronic key to scare off a potential thief or attacker.


Makeshift Weapon

You want to be prepared in the event that you are attacked, so you can use your key as a weapon. Place your key and hold it sideways against the palm of your hand and place your fingers down around your key.

You can cause injury to someone if you punch them with the key part sticking out from between your finger. Make sure you place it properly into your palm so the key doesn’t slip out when you thrust it toward someone.


Never Forget Anything

Do you have a habit of leaving things behind when you leave the house? Never forget anything again by leaving your keys next to the items you need to take with you. If you’re always leaving your cell phone behind you can try looping your phone charger through your key ring.


Ward Off Burglars

You can make a makeshift house alarm and ward off burglars with your keys. Leave your keys on your nightstand and if you ever hear someone break in or a sound that scares you in or outside your home you can set off your car alarm by pressing the panic button. This will scare off anyone trying to break in.


Unfreeze Car Lock

If your car door lock mechanism is frozen, heat up a key by passing it through the flame of your lighter and placing it into the key hole to unfreeze the lock. You can also try putting hand sanitizer on your key and pushing it through the keyhole.


Identify Keys

If you can’t tell your keys apart, try dabbing them with different color nail polish.


Hide a Key Under Rocks


You can hide a spare key by securing it with masking tape to the underside of an inconspicuous rock. You can also glue a pill bottle to the bottom of a rock and place your key inside it.

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