7 Ways To Get Rid Of Rats Forever


Rats are small, warm-blooded rodents that can be found almost everywhere in the world. Their large front teeth enable them to chew through almost anything, and they can be dangerous when they take up residence in your home because they carry diseases and parasites. Most rats will set up housekeeping in attics, basements, porches, under concrete and behind walls and they reproduce quickly. Get rid of rats by calling a professional exterminator or doing it with traps and prevention methods by yourself.

1. Trapping 

Set up a trap with bait. There are many different types of traps that vary in terms of if and how they kill what they trap. Choose the trap that you like best, and make sure to place a highly desired piece of food properly in the trap to successfully attract the mouse or rat.

2. Ultrasound device

One of the safest and effective remedies against undesirable rodents is an ultrasound device that scares mice away with sound. The ultra sound waves it radiates are extremely annoying for the rodents and they have no other way but look for another shelter. 1-2 days of this device application and mice are gone! And forget of all this horror, like dead mice in the traps, mice bodies stuck to glued surfaces or various toxic poisonous substances.

3. Use glue boards to get rid of rats

These are flat, sticky pieces of wood that trap rats until you can remove them. Once again, make sure that you only set glue boards if you intend to kill the rats. These rats are not going to survive, as there’s no way to get them off the glue board. Some rats will chew off their feet or legs in order to escape from the trap and others will get their head trapped in the glue and suffocate. It is not the most humane way to get rid of rats but it will work. If you find a rat in a glue trap that has not been killed, you’ll have to stomp on it with a boot to kill it. It’s either that or hitting it on the head with something hard like bat. Do whatever you can stomach and then toss the rat in an outdoor trash can.

4. Use herbs

Besides using chemicals, you can abuse herbs as a way on how to get rid of rats at home. You can plant herbs like mint and wormwood around your home to restrict the appearance of rats. This method bases on the odor of the herbs that can keep rats away from home with an enough amount of herbs. You had better plant these herbs along with your neighbors, which minimizes the number of rats in your area more effectively. And it is advised to rub some peppermint oil or keep fresh mint leaves inside the cabinets or drawers to solve localized rat problems.

5. Keep your house clean

Clean regularly and keep food properly stored in order to limit the appeal for mice and rats. Store your food higher if possible, because mice and rats can access food that is low to the ground more easily. Frequently wiping down countertops, sweeping, vacuuming, and securing the trash can all contribute to lessening appeal. Store food in glass jars or airtight containers for the best results.

6. Block entries with caulk or steel wool

Rats and mice aren’t able to chew through these materials. Block any passages from the inside to the outside of your house with these if the openings are the size of a dime or bigger.

7. Have a cat at home

Your pet can become real help against mice. Its presence at home can prevent the house from infestation. Using these easy pieces of advice you’ll become an expert in answering the question “How do you get rid of mice in your home?” We are pretty sure that you’ll cope with the problem, you’ll be able to support mouse-control and you won’t need to share your house with these guests.

After reading our article on 7 tips and ways on how to get rid of rats and mice in your home in our main How to page, hope that you can find out more ways to keep your home away from these rodents. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about this topic by leaving comments below and share with us if you know other ways to get rid of rats effectively.