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Specialists say that tiny undergarments produce serious problems for the health and well-being of women, something very true and proven. Do you want to find out what those dangers might be? Check out the 5 risks of wearing thongs below.

1. Facilitate the transport of bacteria

The thong for being too tight clothing, facilitates the transport of fecal bacteria into urinary passages, thus causing infections. Lisa Masterson, an American health and wellness gynecologist says: “Rectal bacteria can easily make their way into the vagina just by wearing a thong.”

The obstetrician Angélica Illescas in turn says that the constant rubbing of the garment with respect to the anus and the vagina is constant , reason why it generates microorganisms that can cause very severe damages with the time.

2. They cause tears

External tears are also often one of the disadvantages of wearing thong. The problem may also be internal. Specialist Kristie Leong says the following: “When a woman walks for a long time using a thong, the material rubs the urethra and the vaginal area creating small tears and irritations. In some cases it can even create an infection. “

3. They can cause hemorrhoids

According to Lisa Masterson, there are many people who, because of the use of thongs, have suffered hemorrhoids, since they can cause anal inflammations if they have sensitive skin, something that many women suffer today, which can alter the health and well-being of the woman.

4. Facilitate irritation of the clitoris

Health doctor and Fox News contributor Manny Alvarez said many of his patients have turned to his office because the thong has caused them to feel clitoral irritation, something very real and being present as a disadvantage when using this clitoris. garment.

5. May produce strong infections due to fungi

Infections due to fungi may also be present if thong is worn for long periods. Kristie Leong says that if you get one of these infections, it could be a very serious danger.


The thongs can be a very attractive garment, although in turn they can alter too much the health and the well-being of the girls who like to use them. In view of this it is recommended not to use them for long periods of time and should be avoided in places where sweating is involved or in hot climates.

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