20 Holiday Ideas For Photographs You Need To Take Before Summer Ends


Even though it feels that the sizzling hot summer of 2017 is almost over, there still a bit more than a month until this beautiful season of the year ends.
If it happens to be that you are one of those who find themselves on a late summer vacation or planing to go on the second part of the August on the seaside,  there is still a lot of time to create memories that you will remember your whole life. Capturing those magical moments of joy, happiness, fun  and love with your friends and most beloved ones is something that probably only summer holidays can make it happen.

We are bringing you amazing ideas which will change your photos game, stop taking photos like everyone else in the most boring way possible, try these creative ideas:

1/ A palette of friends from an unforgettable holiday.

2/ Gulliver versus these beautiful ladies.

3/ Watering friends instead of plants.

4/ In the shadow of a stingray.

5/ It’s not complicated as it looks, trust me.

6/ Size doesn’t matter, or does it?

7/ Your friends are the best crest of wave you can ever hope to ride!

8/ White woman can jump!

9/ Beer refreshes parts that no other drink can reach!

10/ A tale of two worlds.

11/ Desert Rose.

12/ Stay together!

13/ Real time  frame.

14/ beautiful silhouette of best friends.

15/ Sunglasses reflect magic.

16/ Mom protecting the baby from this creative dad!

17/ Kissing the Sun.

18/Custom made chairs for you and your friends, not Power – Rangers!

19/ Half full or half empty?

20/ In the circle of Love!


Hopefully these photos  will activate the creativity in you so  when you are on your holidays, you’ll be capturing lifelong memories from your camera lens.
We as a team wish you pleasant holidays.