16 Clever Fashion Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know


Everyone wants to wear beautiful clothes. Admit it or not, clothes play an important role in the appearance. Well, fashion is great but sometimes you have to put effort on clothes. Red wine stain in the clothes is not the reason to throw them. We all need some fashion hacks to manage some unexpected situations. Those hacks make our life easier and we never know where they will come in hand.

Check out this useful list that will save your time and money.

2. Hiding Bra Straps

3. Zipper Solution

4. Removing Deodorant Marks

5. Folding Lingerie

6. DIY Cap Toe Shoe

7. DIY Vintage T-shirts

8.  Stretching the Shoes

9. Removing Chewing Gum

10. Use a Hairspray to Stop a Run in Pantyhose

11. Double Cloth Hangers

12. Making Your Shoe Waterproof

13. Choosing Necklaces For Necklines

14. Bra Repair

15. Clever Trick For Cuffed Slaves

16. Diy Ripped Jeans

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