This thing happened recently in Macau. A young girl start bleeding from even seven holes and at the end she died overnight. The first autopsy concluded that arsenic poisoning is the main reason for the death. But where did the arsenic came from? Professors from medical school were invited to assist in the additional examination. They start the examination of the stomach of the girl and after around half an hour the mystery was solved. It was not a suicide, nor was she killed.

The problem was into the girl’s habit to consume vitamin C supplements, and the night before she died she was eating shrimps, plenty of them. The researchers from the University of Chicago, through experiments, found that shrimp, and lots of the soft shell foods contain very high concentration of 5 potassium arsenic compounds. So, fresh food has not toxic effect on our body, but in a combination with the vitamin C, as a result of the chemical reaction, the original non-toxic – 5 potassium arsenic (ie arsenic anhydride, known also as arsenic pentoxide), turns into a toxic 3 potassium arsenic (ie arsenic anhydride), known also as arsenic trioxide, commonly known as arsenic!

Arsenic poisoning might cause: lobule central necrosis, paralysis of capillaries, liver, heart, kidney, intestine congestion, telangiectasia, and epithelial cell necrosis. Bleeding is a side effect of arsenic poisoning. As a measure of precaution don’t eat shrimps while taking vitamin C.