Remember The 2 Year-Old Child Who Smoked 40 Cigarettes A Day? Here What He Looks Like Now!


A toddler from Indonesia went viral after his parents revealed he smoked more than 40 cigarettes a day.

Aldi's family decided to take him to a nutritionist for medical checks and then started him on a strict diet in 2010
It’s now 8 years on and Ardi Rizal has finally beat his addiction thanks to the media and security organizations for children.

The two-year-old boy (pictured) who became an international sensation after he was found chain smoking in a remote village has kicked the habit, lost weight and is now the 'champion' of his primary school

However, the young man developed a dependency on food to replace his cravings for cigarettes.

The young boy had to undergo treatment to overcome his addiction to food, and he is now on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Ardi now stays away from nicotine, eats well, and the results are amazing!

“Now I don’t give him cigarettes, but he eats a lot. With so many people living in the house it’s hard to stop him from getting food.”

After four years on a strict diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, Aldi managed to lose most of the weight and has now turned his focus to finishing grade four

At the age of 5, in 2013, he kicked the habit, even though people in his community tried to keep him addicted.

“There are many people still offering Ardi cigarettes,” Diane said. “But he says, ‘I love [Dr.] Kak Seto. He would be sad if I started smoking again and made myself ill.'”

At nine-years-old, Aldi Rizal has managed to keep away from cigarettes, lose weight and excel at school

In the wake of quitting, his weight jumped to 24 kg, with 17kg being the “normal” for someone his age. One health disaster gave way to another.

Aldi's shocking smoking addiction led to the Indonesian government launching a campaign to tackle the problem