Lady Gets Devastating Cancer Diagnosis After Nail Salon Worker Points Out A Black Line


A woman has shared a Facebook warning claiming a lady with a black line down her fingernail discovered she actually had cancer.

The Facebook post, shared by Lisa Harrison Williams and more than 85,000 others, tells of a woman who walked into a beauty salon with a dark vertical stripe down one of her nails.

Thinking it was just lack of calcium or a blood blister, she apparently asked for it a nail colour dark enough to cover it up.

But after she was advised to see a doctor, the post claims she discovered she actually had aggressive melanoma that had spread to her lymph nodes.

Jean’s post continued:

The nail salons “diagnosed” her a few different ways. Some said it was a lack of calcium, some said it was hereditary.

At least one had told her it was a blood blister.

This is melanoma!!! I did not want to frighten her but I told her she needed to see her doctor immediately!

She called me today to tell me that yes it was a very aggressive melanoma that has already spread to her lymph nodes!! Her prognosis is not good!

Woman Gets Devastating Cancer Diagnosis After Nail Salon Worker Spots Rare Sign Jean Skinner Facebook

Jean’s post is warning other people to really pay attention to these kind of changes in their nail beds. She adds:

“Odd changes in your nails can very likely be nothing to worry about! But sometimes it is an indication of a very serious disease. And please keep an eye on the nail beds – toes and fingers – of your elderly loved ones and your loved ones that aren’t physically able to notice changes in the nail beds!

Early diagnosis can make all the difference in the world!”


Therefore, it is of crucial importance to visit your doctor if you notice any changes like these.