Tutorial Hairstyles For The Holidays


This hairstyle takes a little while, but the technique is infinitely easy. That is, nothing else to test!1. Strip the hair or at least the tops. This way, the tops will not break off from hairdressing but will bend in the hair.
2. If desired, use hair extensions to add more plucking to the hairstyle. Attach the extensions down to the neck.
3. Sprinkle your hair from the back of the neck to get the haircut and posture.
4. Leave the hair in front of you and then take the top of your hair and brush them all over. Make sure that the puncture point does not come close to the jumper border. Attach well to the fins.5. Then start to make ditches on the open tops. Take a few centimeters thick and twist it around the two fingers. It does not matter.
6. Fasten the chamfered section with a very flat surface attached.
7. Continue to wrap the partitions and focus especially on the edge sections to make the hairstyle look gorgeous even from the front. At this point, hairstyle does not have to look cool.
8. ..this cleansing is done only in the end. So wrap the wicker sections and wrap them up, and finish the hairstyle by hiding all the loose hairs on the other hair. If necessary, use fins and finally spray hair on all hair. Ready!