by hayouni

Today’s children are really smart, sometimes they are very naughty and reckless. If we neglect to pay attention to them, they will have a lot of naughty games that make us laugh out loud because of these cherubs. The baby in this clip is still wearing disposable diaper but can climb over the crib professionally, certainly no one would think this little boy can do this!

Newborns have actions that sometimes can not be explained by adults. The boy in this clip is an example, in spite of watching many times, we still do not understand why this kid can do this?

Maybe because the boy was in the crib for too long, the naughty and hyperactive character could not keep the boy quietly lying in this so the intention to climb over the crib to escape formed in the baby for a while, just waited for the opportunity to act. The mother knew her son’s annoyance so she tried to see what her son could do in this situation and she pretended to go out.

And when the chance came, the boy did not see his mother so he made a reckless, unexpected decision and acted quickly. The boy managed by himself and tried to climb out of the crib.

No one can believe because this boy is too fast and too smart. The boy acted like a real wall-climbing expert, and what would he do next? Surprisingly, the boy once again climbed over the crib, but this time he was climbing over his sister’s crib and they were so funny when playing together.

Is the kid a spider version? After his clip was posted online on his mother’s Facebook account, he has received thousands of likes and share. Many people have expressed their love for this lovely boy.

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