We all know and love regular Pepsi but did you ever get to try blue Pepsi?

Blue Pepsi was launched in 2002 in America and although it is no longer available here in the UK, it looks like you actually can manage to get your hands on some in a handful of countries today!

The brightly-coloured, berry-flavoured pop still exists in Indonesia and the Philippines, so if you’re curious to try a sip maybe it’s time to book a holiday.

It seems like people are still a big fan of the fizzy drink too, as fans are still going wild for it on social media.

“Yes! That was years ago I can’t remember exactly but yeah it was a limited edition and I always missed the taste,” exclaimed one person, while another added: “I MISS THIS need to bring it back!”

A third fan declared: “I hope they bring this back. I was hooked in high school!”

In other fizzy pop news, Burger King has gone and heard our prayers because it has recently released the most refreshing drink humanly possible in the form of a frozen Fanta lemon.

We all know that a Fanta lemon is the tastiest holiday beverage drink around, but we think this frozen version tops it.

Unfortunately, the delicious drinks are just available at Burger King stores in the US at the moment, which is pretty sad news for us Brits who want to get their hands on one.

However, it seems like Coca Cola is getting involved in frozen drinks hype, as it has announced that the fizzy drink giant is releasing the world’s first Coke slushie, which sounds pretty damn amazing to be honest.

The Coke slushies, which are being launched in Japan from the 16th April will come in handy portable pouches, will be a frozen version of lemon-flavoured Coke.

Right, so that’s Indonesia, Philippines, America and Japan all added on the holiday wish list.