You didn’t know you were going through life making things so much more difficult for yourself. But you are.

1. Wearing bobby pins. The wavy side goes down for maximum hold.

2. Shining patent leather shoes. Instead of buying shoe polish and stuffing it in the back of a drawer where you’ll forget about it, use Windex!

3. Sleeping. Twisting up like a pretzel might be your usual habit. But you’re ruining your back! For maximum rest and support, try these pro sleep moves

4. Removing red wine stains. Instead of dumping random stuff on it and scrubbing like a fool, soak a red wine stain with white wine before washing.

5. Using aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Guys! Don’t be the person whose foil goes spiraling out of control out of the box. Be a foil genius! Press those thingies on the side to keep the roll from flying out.

6. Eating an apple. The average person discards 30 percent of an apple. If you want to do that, bite into its side. If you don’t want to be that wasteful, reduce the amount you discard by eating it top to bottom for maximum #blessed apple consumption.

7. Squeezing the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. Instead of trying to do it with your bare hands, use a bobby pin! Geniuses get toothpaste out of tubes like this:

8. Removing the green leaves from strawberries. Don’t use your fingers. This is wrong. Instead, hull your strawberry the right way — with a straw!

9. If you lay a wooden spoon over the top of a boiling pot, it keeps the water from bubbling over the side of the pot and making a big mess.

10. Put your straw through your soda can tab to keep it from floating up and away.

11. If you want to clean your blender, you shouldn’t scrub it. Instead, use dish soap and water and simply blend before rinsing.

12. Though it hurts me to say this, but this is the right way of eating cupcakes

13. A pen should never be held from the top or gripped too tight

14. A pizza should always be held by folding it a little to make a U-shape so as to prevent it from flopping over.

15. Moisturiser is not supposed to be rubbed into your skin but just slightly tapped