Woke up with zero time? Try one of these crazy-fast (and chic!) hair hacks

The Grown Up Half Up-Half-Down
Make last night’s texture work for you with an easy out-of-your-face style.

Step 1
Pull hair into a half-up half-down style, leaving a few face-framing pieces out, and secure with a clear or hair-colored elastic. Next, take hold of the bottom part of the pony. “This style is perfect for when you have some wave and movement to the hair,”
Step 2
With your finger, create a little hole above the elastic and loop the pony through it.

The Reversed French Twist Pony
A hybrid of a low pony and modern chignon makes this style will instantly make you look polished.

                 Step 1
Brush hair back into a low pony just above the nape of your neck. “To get more body, split your hair into two and braid two loose pigtails before bed so that the hair isn’t too straight
Step 2
Twist the ponytail into a chignon, and use your other hand to pin with several bobby pins (place one every half inch).

The Knotted Low Bun
Show off an unexpected twist with this no nonsense braided bun.

Step 2
Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail like you would a bun, tucking in the ends of hair with bobby pins. “Lock in the style and keep flyways in place with a soft hold hairspray,”

The Cool-Girl Twist
Put crazy layers or out-of-control bangs in their place with this easy twist.

Step 1
Separate a small triangle of hair from the center of your forehead to about the midway point at the crown of your head. “Give it a few twists, flip it over, and secure at the crown with bobby pins
The Hair Headband
Don’t worry about face framing frizz with this simple slick backed solution.
Step 1
Separate two face-framing pieces and pull the rest of your hair into a pony. “You only need to have about a half inch of hair to create the ‘headband’ but if you hair is very thick, then you’ll need to section off about an inch instead,”
Step 2
Secure those face-framing pieces with an elastic band at the nape of your neck, and take your pony down so your hair falls loosely over it.
The Modern Messy Bun
This off duty ballerina bun will make you look perfectly polished.
Step 1
Pull hair into a high pony and place a headband about an inch from your hairline.
Step 2
Wrap the length of your pony into a bun, twisting as you go, and secure with an elastic band or bobby pins.
Step 3
Use a pencil or the end of a tail comb to evenly lift the section of hair between the headband and your bun for volume.