The Way You Sit Tells Much About Your Trait. Figure It Out!


You might not notice it, but how you sit varies based on your mood and according to psychologists a lot can be read from the way in which someone sits. Your personality, your intentions, and even your hidden desires can all be worked out by how you arrange your body. It’s a great way to subtly check out someone’s personality, without probing them too heavily.

Here’s a rundown on what how the way you sit, could be giving away secrets about your personality.

Type A

You are a creative and charismatic individual, sometimes a little childlike. You have mastered the art of multitasking but cannot focus too long on one task. You tend to talk first and think later. You are a carefree person who tends to ascribe lesser importance to issues that deserve more attention than they are getting. You take problems lightly because you feel that eventually, they will solve themselves. You also tend to pin the blame on someone else if the said problem is not resolved.

Type B

You are a dreamer and possess great imagination. You are often described as the “soul of the group or gathering.” It is never boring to be with you, as you generate a lot of new fascinating ideas. You like to travel and make friends easily. Making changes in your life, be they big or small, is perfectly natural for you.

Type C

You tend to weigh your options very carefully. Your goal is to be able to handle challenges presented in the easiest way possible. You can be overly critical of others, and also quite inconsiderate of others’ opinions!

Type D

You are meticulous and extremely polite. You don’t like to fight or express your feelings openly, and expect others to follow suit. Moreover, you are intelligent, neat, and well behaved. If you sit leaning in such a way that all your weight falls on your feet, you tend to express your emotions easily. If you sit leaning in such a way that you have no body weight falling on your feet, you tend to repress your emotions.

Type E

You don’t rush in making life’s decisions because you believe that everything happens in its own time. You are persistent and resolute—traits that help you in achieving your life’s goals. You attach too much importance to outward appearance and will do all that you can to maintain looking good. You are a bit insecure and also tend to have problems accepting criticism.

It is important to remember that Body Language is an inexact science. When experts gauge personalities or behavior, they take into consideration a variety of indications (and sometimes multiple expert opinions) before reaching a solid conclusion. So, what have you found out about yourself? Are these interpretations accurate?

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What Is Your Sleeping Position? Tell Us To Know Your Personality!

Links between personality and sleep position have been mentioned for decades. The most common sleep positions include fetal, stomach, log, starfish (back with arms up), soldier (arms to the side on the back), and yearner (side with arms more or less straight out in front). Some of the more recent surveys include one by a British hotel chain Premier Inn and another by Dr. Chris Idzikowski.

Below, we will go over the results of both as well as offer tips for comfortable sleep and for each position.

1. The Starfish

「starfish position cartoon」的圖片搜尋結果

You sleep on your back, arms stretched up and legs stretched out so that your body shapes a star.

Effect on the body: This position offers the same pros and cons as the soldier position. Additionally, sleeping on your back can benefit your skin and help work against the aging process.

Reflection on self: People who rock the starfish position are often open, liberated, free thinking, and vibrant types. They are confident and open to all walks of life and all ways of thinking.

2. Freefaller

「Freefaller position cartoon」的圖片搜尋結果

Personality trait – friendly
Lying on your stomach (The Freefaller) can help if you suffer from digestive issues. However, in other respects it is not a good sleeping position. This is because your neck will have to be turned at a big angle in order to breathe (since you obviously won’t be able to breathe lying face down). This extreme turning of the neck can result in strain and in neck pain. The other problem with sleeping on your stomach is that it does not align the spine properly, and can lead to stiffness or soreness in the back upon waking.
However, the stomach position is actually a good one for keeping airways open, so if you snore then sleeping on your stomach may work for you.
So unless you suffer from digestive issues or from snoring, you may wish to consider a healthier sleep position, such as on your back. If you do need to sleep on your stomach, please note that you’ll get a healthier sleep on your stomach if you omit the pillow or just use a very thin one. This is because it will keep your neck and spine from being as much out of line.

3. Log Position

「log position cartoon」的圖片搜尋結果

You sleep on your side with your legs and arms stretched out in a long line (like, well, a log.)

Effect on the body: Sleeping on your side stretched out like this is the best natural resting position for your spine, and thus can relieve back and neck pain. However, sleeping on your side can also speed up gravity’s impact on your body, including sagging breasts and wrinkles.

Reflection on self: These types of people tend to be inflexible and rigid. They like rules and can often come across as bossy, headstrong, or stubborn. However, log sleepers also enjoy a challenge and aren’t afraid to take control in any situation.

4. Yearner

「yearner position cartoon」的圖片搜尋結果

In this position, you are lying on your side with your arms stretched out in front on you, like you are a sleeping zombie. Yearners can be quite cynical and sometimes suspicious of new situations. They can be quite indecisive but when they have made their decision they will keep it.

Discover how sleeping on your left-hand side could actually help cure you of heartburn!

5. Fetal Position


The fetal position is lying on the side with knees pulled towards the chest was the most popular, particularly with women. Over 41% of the people in the study reported sleeping in this position which is considered to be an effort to comfort themselves at the end of the day.

Associated traits include a soft interior which is camouflaged by a tough exterior, shy but warm, conscientious, organized and ready to face the day. Adding a pillow between the knees may be beneficial for people who prefer this sleep position.

6. Soldier Position

「yearner position cartoon」的圖片搜尋結果

You sleep on your back, arms by your sides, legs outstretched (like a soldier standing at attention).

Effect on the body: Sleeping on your back is considered one of the best positions for the natural flow of blood to your organs and can also help people with digestion problems. This position can be a bad idea if you are a snorer, though — honk-honk!

Reflection on self: People who sleep in this position tend to put on a confident front for the outside world, even when they’re not feeling that way. They can suffer from narrow-mindedness; however, on the positive side, they are driven, focused, and tend to be loyal people. They stand tall in waking life.