Two Totally Opposite Sides Of Each Zodiac Sign


The duality of human nature is such an interesting thing! It’s what makes you unpredictable, dynamic, and oh-so-attractive (read: the undeniable charm of bad boys)! That said, your same duality can also land you in trouble, depending on the situation. The solution? Knowing the good and bad that exist within you and learning to tame the bad and amplify the good.

In this regard, here are the positives and negatives of each zodiac sign that bring out two totally opposite facets in one’s personality!

1. Aries



The Good: You are very spiritual and have an immense zest for life. Passionate and ardent too, you stay motivated and fill everyone around you with positivity.

The Bad: You have a deeply aggressive side to you. You are dominant and temperamental and get angry at the smallest of things.

2. Taurus



The Good: Taureans are stable and hard-working, doing all they can to lead a good life. They also make for reliable partners.

The Bad: Being the sign of the bull, Taureans can get very stubborn and demanding. This can cause a lot of disharmony in their lives.

3. Gemini



The Good: The least surprising sign to have a dual nature, Geminis almost have two souls within them. You are extroverted, adventurous, and make many friends.

The Bad: On the flipside though, you are very restless and impulsive, leading to some bad decisions. You also get depressed and sad quite easily.

4. Cancer



The Good: Emphatic, loyal, and extremely devoted to your loved ones, you are the kind who truly cares about other people. You are a genuine person and a good listener too!

The Bad: Cancerians, good as they might be, are an anxious lot. They get depressed easily and criticize themselves very harshly whenever something goes wrong.

5. Leo



The Good: Born leaders, Leos always try to be the center of attention. They are great problem-solvers and are highly ambitious, confident, and energetic at all times.

The Bad: On the other side of the fence, Leos prove to be very self-centered individuals. Despite being friendly, they can come across as fake and artificial.

6. Virgo



The Good: As a Virgo, you are quite the intelligent one! You are very logical and have deep analytical skills. Puzzle-solving is a passion of yours and you are very witty and helpful too.

The Bad: What’s not so good about you is that you take everything a bit too seriously, which gives rise to disharmony in the environment you’re in. You also tend to deviate from your path a lot.

7. Libra



The Good: You are kind-hearted with a loving nature and have the intense desire to lead a peaceful life. As a result, you try to maintain rhythm and harmony in your life every day.

The Bad: Your strife for peace can be problematic though. Especially in situations where peace is not an option. You try to escape from conflicts just to maintain peace, which makes you a victim to your own self.

8. Scorpio



The Good: What’s great about you is that you are a very funny and clever person with the unique ability to infuse happiness into the atmosphere. You are passionate and independent too.

The Bad: What’s bad is that you can be very unpleasant to be around at times. You have a ruthless side to you that only comes out when you’re left out of things or challenged.

9. Sagittarius



The Good: Enthusiasm and a spirit for adventure define you and you are really fun to hang out with. You are an intense person who’s also very attentive and never misses a detail.

The Bad: Your problem lies in focusing on anything as you get distracted easily. You also have temperamental issues and get annoyed at the smallest of things. You also don’t know where to draw the line and limit yourself.

10. Capricorn



The Good: If there’s a zodiac sign that works the hardest, it’s the Capricorns. Success and wealth are two things you believe in. You have a logical and intelligent mind and are a visionary with leadership qualities.

The Bad: On the other hand, you are a self-involved person who can seem haughty. You are quite stubborn too and are always unwilling to change your viewpoint.

11. Aquarius



The Good: Aquarians are just so much fun to be with. They are very interesting and have great wanderlust. Extroverts by nature, they love new challenges.

The Bad: Aquarians can be surprisingly cold, distant, and private at times. They are wildly unpredictable, which can annoy a lot of people.

12. Pisces



The Good: You are a caring and loving soul. You make for a great partner and make new friends quite easily. You are a very faithful and supportive person as well.

The Bad: You are unable to accept reality most of the times. Instead, you make an escape by isolating yourself from everyone. This can lead to immense loneliness.

So, do the two opposite facets of your zodiac sign match your personality? If they do, you know what to fix and what to retain!