Things You Should Never Ask Your Man If You Want a Blissful Relationship


Having a lovey-dovey boyfriend and seeing a successful relationship with him in the long term is like a fairy-tale ending for every girl. A perfect relationship calls for the two partners to live together as best friends; being direct and unreserved with each other and enjoying life blissfully. However, this quintessential relationship gets tainted once you surpass the territory of your partner’s personal space. The causal nagging and bombarding your boyfriend with silly questions is fun and games only for a short while. A disastrous fight awaits your relationship, if you do not quit pouring awkward and silly questions for him.

To allow your relationship to blossom continuously, girls should pay heed to these following topics and never bring them up with their better half, else they will end up with a pissed boyfriend.

23. The Extent of your love

Over decades, girls have been trying to figure out the answer to this clichéd question; how much do their boyfriends love them? What these girls fail to decipher is that their man might love them unconditionally, yet he can never quote a solid answer or a % figure to curb their curiosity.

22. Leaving the world for you

NEVER ask your man if he can leave his passions and worldly desires for you. Your long term fantasies with him will cease to exist as soon as you will utter this question. Women and girls need to realize that they can never be a substitute of their partner’s habits and passions. He will love and appreciate you when you will portray reciprocated love for his passions and desires. Asking him to abandon his habits will make him feel like he is bounded with shackles.

21. Masturbating

Even if your boyfriend has a healthy relationship with you in bed and you are his key to satiate his sexual hunger, then also he resorts to masturbation. This is how men work! But they feel extremely annoyed when they are asked with this super personal question of how often they masturbate. After all, they have a right to at least some privacy.

20. Living with parents after marriage

He might have not even considered himself yet, if his parents are going to live with him post marriage, but you asking him this question will leave him agitated. It will depict as you are against the idea of his parents living with both of you, and this will cast a selfish impression of you on him. So if you are genuinely worried about whether your marriage life will be invaded by his parents or not, just keep this issue to yourself and allow time to unfold the things.

19. Are you in yet?

Men despise being asked such questions while making love. It turns them off immediately. So if you do not wish to lose spark of your bedroom life, just keep your mouth shut from asking these questions and learn to be patient.

18. Preferring his ex over you

The most inane question that’s thrown on men’s way is if they would prefer their ex over their girlfriends. Men are taken back with this question because they are shocked at the irrationality of the question. If he would like to prefer his ex over you, then why would she be his ex in the first place? The answer to this question is such a clear-cut NO, that men are left with figuring out the logic behind this one.

17. Thing he would like to change about you

There are some questions that will lead you hating him if he will give a cent person honest answer or if you catch him avoiding that question and bluffing you. Either way, such questions tend to be poisonous. He can never answer what he would like to change about you, because you have always expected him to accept you the way you are. So why entangle him in this dilemma.

16. You versus his best friend

It is extremely unfair of girls to pressurize their boyfriend with this question of choosing between them and his best friend. When you cannot send him a single message without getting it verified from you BFF, why is your boyfriend expected to leave his friendship for your sake. Why compete with his best friend when he can obviously never take the place of you as his girlfriend.

15. Proving his love for you

It is high time that this question should become extinct. It’s quite obvious that he cannot bring down the moon and stars for you, so why nag him with this question of proving his love for you. He is sincere and loyal to you, making an effort to have a good future with you and taking out time to make memories with you, isn’t it enough of a proof. Honestly, this monotonous question doesn’t even sound romantic anymore.

14. His favorite thing about you

While we women can make lists of our boyfriend’s best and worst habits at a very initial stage of our relationship, our boyfriends are by default, oblivious to such tasks. They haven’t rote learned your qualities and habits and asking them to pin point their favorite aspect about you will surely leave them speechless. And they are wise enough to know, that even if they somehow managed to answer this question, they will be inundated with infinite cross-questions.

13. Being friend-zoned and friends simultaneously

It is quite ruthless for girls to friend-zone boys and still expect him to have a happy-go-lucky friendship with you. At least give him some time to get over you and subdue his feelings instead of asking him if you both can still be friends. Go easy on him!

12. Having a relationship after you

Why torture your man with this messy question when you yourself cannot answer this one, if the question was put on you.

11. Remembering the dates

Women tend to celebrate even the smallest of moments, let it be the first kiss, the first hug or the first verbal declaration of ‘I love you’. But men are helpless in this scenario. You are a lucky girl if he comes up with a present and bouquet on your wedding anniversary and birthday as he remembered it. But expecting him to remember the first time you both kissed, that’s too much to ask from him.

10. Number of women he has slept with

If you are okay with listening lies to curb your curiosity, then you can throw this question on his way and watch his expressionless face. On an unfortunate side, he can ask the same query from you and then this will last a bitter impact on your relationship.

9. If you are getting fat

Girls should do a favor on themselves and refrain from shooting this question. His honest answer might make you mad and sad, and he himself will get pissed off for being put in an awkward position. If you know that can enhance your appearance and look better, then it’s not compulsory to get it endorsed by your boyfriend. Spare him from the awkwardness.

8. Recent calls and messages

Don’t shatter your relationship with your own hands by giving way to insecurities and constantly bugging with him questions like who was he texting to, why is he laughing while looking at his phone or who called him 5 minutes ago. That call or message can be from his office, but your questions will put him in a sour mood.

7. His thoughts

Girls should at least be lenient enough to allow their boyfriends to sit back, relax and just stare in space for a while wandering their thoughts. They should have the freedom to think silently. And almost all women will concur to the fact that men have never been caught thinking about some philosophical theories or life changing issues. They may be staring in space and thinking about the latest superhero movie that is about to be released on the weekend or visualizing themselves driving their favorite sports car. Also, it’s not necessary for him to share his personal thoughts with you always and at all times, so just allow him to enjoy his ‘me-time’.

6. Noticing something different

Men are naturally not conditioned in a way to spot minor or subtle differences. Asking him if he notices anything different about you, when all you had was a slight contouring on your face or a bit of a change in your eyeliner will leave him in torment of figuring out the right answer. Unless, you start walking wearing black lipstick or shave your head, chances of him identifying the difference in you are negligible.

5. Changing his career path

This is an extremely sensitive question and can result in bitter consequences for your relationship. Asking your man to change his career just because you don’t think it’s cool enough, is lack of support on your part. This question will inadvertently leave him skeptical about your love for him.

4. “It’s just a game”

A girl should always respect his man’s interests and passions. If he is a fanatic football fan and remains hooked to the match the entire time, then soothing him by commenting that ‘it’s just a game’ will annoy him a great deal. It will only show him that you undermine the importance of his interests and passions.

3. My ex was also like this

To all the ladies out there, do not disrupt the smooth sailing of your relationship by bringing up this one. Commenting that your ex used to do the same thing or he was also like this will make him dubious that you are still not over him and this will put him off. It can also dig in his insecurities and make him a jealous boyfriend from a gentleman one.

2. About the future

Bugging you man 24/7 about where he sees your relationship in 10 years is making him feel as if he is sitting across and interviewer. If you know that he is serious with you in your relationship, and is not just beguiling time then give him some space. He must definitely have something in mind regarding the near future of both of you, but he might just not be ready to share it out with you.

1. Meeting your parents

Being after him to meet your parents will sow a seed of resentment between the two of you. If his feelings are genuine, then he will definitely take matters up with your parents, only it might be a few months before or ahead of your scheduled date. There is no need for girls to throw tantrum over it. Just give him time and space and events will unfold in your favor. Men hate being rushed into a relationship, because it depicts as if you are trying to dominate their will.

It is paramount that the above mentioned things should be refrained from being discussed in a relationship, no matter how strong it is. Entwining your man in these awkward questions will only undermine your relationship with him and will reveal you lack of self-confidence and insecurities. So enjoy your relationship as it is, free of any misery.


Remember, some things are better left unasked!