The Size Of Your Hand Says A Lot About Your Personality. Here’s The Secret!



Our hands are incredibly useful. With 27 bones, 29 joints, and 123 ligaments, they are one of the most complicated parts of our body. They enable us to do so many tasks throughout the day. But, did you know that your hands can indicate what kind of person you are? Most of us are not aware of it, but the size of your hands can say a lot about your personality.

Yes, you read that right! To know more about it, you first need to measure its length. Don’t rush to grab a measuring tape now because we do not want to measure its absolute size. All we need is the relative size of your hand and you can measure that with your other hand.

Here’s how.

Try to bend your arm inwards at a 45° angle at your elbow. Now, take the other hand and place its thumb on the elbow and try to stretch your hands upwards towards the wrist. If you can reach the wrist easily, you have large hands. But if you do not, you have small hands.

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So, what do small hands and large hands indicate?

People With Small Hands

People who have small hands are considered to be more inclined to take risks in their life. They have an adventurous spirit, and their relationships are usually dramatic. They are considered to be logical as they have a direct and an immediate solution to any problem.

People With Large Hands

The other name for people with large hands should be perfectionists. They pay attention to the most minute details and are a bit sensitive (especially when dealing with criticism). But, sometimes, they can turn out to be impulsive as well.

Along with the size of your hands, the shape of your palm can also indicate your personality.

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People with square palms have a very practical and logical approach towards anything. Instead of going by intuition, they believe in solving problems logically.

People with rectangular palms are considered to be intuitive, unlike the ones with square palms. They tend to solve any problem faster.

Long fingers indicate that you have a curious personality whereas short fingersindicate that you are a leader.

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