What The Shape Of Your Nose Tells About Your Personality


Personality is something which is not just related to body formature. It is a set of qualities or attitude that makes you unique from others. A person with a good personality is likely to be a well wisher of others and a person with ignorable personality will be dying for well wishers. Research says that there are many types of human personalities such as commander, protagonist, defender, entrepreneur etc. They can be determined by a close research on his attitude & behavior with others. And also, there are different personality tests which says about your personality.

Recent study says that you can determine a person’s personality just by body parts. The study says that, from hair to toe, each and every body part implies a kind of personality. A person with a big chin is more likely to cheat, a woman with big hips had more one night stands, a person with wide forehead is clever etc. This study gave the entire reasons for saying so. It also says that shape of your nose determine a personality of yours.

Big Nose:

Though the shape of nose depends on positions of nasal bones and lateral cartilages, it also describes his/her personality. A person with a big nose has more qualities than others. They are funny, more muscled, wise, richer, powerful & rich in sex. They’re also tend to be leaders and don’t like working under someone.

Small Nose:

how_to_perfect_your_face_fa_rszdDon’t think of a small nose people as an opposite to big nose people. These people are usually hard working in nature. Study says that they have the best spontaneity. They try to help others to the extent they can do, but a little tempered sometimes.

Long Nose:

Long nose people are usually more ambitious. They’re also leaders with great leadership qualities. People gets easily attracted towards their qualities. They also make other people to work in an efficient way. Many people with long noses have a great sense in business.

Short Nose:

img_short01The people with short noses are usually hard workers. But they fall short in reaching goals and ambitions. These people can easily get hurt as they cannot take everything in an easy way.

Wide Nose:

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 07:  Singer Pink arrives for the 2006 TV Week Logie Awards at the Crown Entertainment Complex on May 7, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Persons with wide nose are very quick in making decisions. They’re also good debaters and has the ability to influence others. Most of the people with wide noses are strong personalities.

Straight Nose:

These noses typically have narrow nostrils and straight from root to tip. The people with straight noses are more inspired and they stand beside a person who is in critical crisis. These kind of noses are found mostly in parts of Asia. They have lots of helping nature. Straight noses are also known as Greek noses. They don’t talk openly, just keeps their feelings in their heart. And moreover, they think logically.

Wavy Nose:

download-1The wavy noses are quite noticeable by everyone. They appear as a bump at the tip and the nose appear slightly larger at tip of the nose. These people love fun and makes everyone happy surrounding them.


People with big nostrils spend more money for them and to their neighbors, friends and family.  They don’t keep a single penny for them. They try, but their nose made them do so. Similarly, people with small nostrils spend less money. They save every penny and utilizes it for them and their family. There is a chance that these kind of people behaves selfish even at the time of emergency.

Fleshy Nose:

tara-palmer-tomkinsonThe nose starts like normal, slowly expands while reaching down, and at the end it is like fully fleshed. These people usually have a great sense and presence of mind. They act quickly to a problem and provides solution. They also quickly get aggressive for silly things. And a study says that, these people are the most caring partners.

Pointed Nose:

scentingThe people with pointed nose are typically more complicated persons. They get involved in unnecessary topics and always keep their answers ready for anything. They don’t keep calm even if the situation demands. And a study says that, these people are not easy to understand even.

Celestial Nose:

You cannot find a celestial nose so easily. The nose appears symmetric in both the sides. These people strive to reach their goals. They seem to be attractive, but lack of maturity. You can just dedicate a line to them, “Beauty with No Brains”.

Thin Nose:

sandiegorhinooverlynarrowfrontalThis kind of nose starts at the root very thin and maintains till the end, the same thinness. But the tip is slightly rounded. People with thin nose feel that they’re alone. These people just satisfy with whatever they have. They don’t show any interest in taking or offering help.


The thickness of the nostrils flesh also determines a person’s personality. The person who has an ample or fleshy roots show their engagement in more of family activities. They love family the most and spends more time with them. And the person with lacking roots shows disengagement in their family activities. They usually go out with friends and never give their hand to family when needed. Sometimes these people behave so ruthless and that stays out of box for everyone.


This Nose resembles a bird beak and It’s bent from the base to the tip. People with a nose like this kind are with a bit of exaggeration. One should make sure before starting a relation with such kind of persons as they expect more importance from you. In other words, to say the least, people with this type of nose follows their dream passionately and take risks to achieve them.

The concave nose:

upturned-nose1The shape of the nose has a small arch on the nose bone and the people with type of nose are very liberal and tends to help other people more often who are in need. And also sets their limit. These people are highly sensitive and easily get hurt by others. Sometimes, they react aggressive from the frustration they faced. So be careful while opposing them. These are less likely to maintain relations with others. They easily shift from one to one.

Crooked nose:

rhinotutpinched2frontCrooked is bent or twisted out of shape. The people with this type of nose are having a loving character and being down-to-earth. These people are said to be very perfect and accurate at what they do. They are generally good listeners and easily make friends or partners. They maintain their relation for long time and make their partner adjust with their words. They strongly believe at what they do, and never changes their perception of thinking.

Button Nose:

These noses look delicate, pretty and looks short all the time. The people with button noses are usually quick at decision making and they are very spontaneous. Some times their decisions make other people feel discomfort. But they believe in what they do. Sometimes they behave in such a way, that they don’t care about anyone else and get what they need. These people are very hard to understand in some situations and they behave exactly the opposite way what you imagine.

The Arched nose:

arrives at the GQ Men of the Year party held at the Chateau Marmont Hotel on November 18, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

This is also known as the Roman Nose. The people with arched nose are very ambitious and also believed to have very headstrong nature. They have strong personality and won’t do things forcefully. They just believe in themselves and go accordingly. They work hard and won’t accept the mistake on their path. They are very good at organizational work and influencing other people. They tend to be strong debaters.

Nubian Nose:

These noses are usually elongated with wider base. People with this sort of noses are very creative and always strives to learn new. They won’t show their internal feelings to everyone and behaves in a proper way with others. They know their limits and go accordingly. They always form a part in providing solution to a problem. They are open minded, and accepts their mistake heart fully if any. They also offer a helping hand to people in need and never expects the same thing from them.

Turned up Nose:

nose-open-rhinoplasty-008-left-oblique-lThese types of noses are not common. The nose starts at the root normal and goes normal till middle. Whenever it’s reaching end, it turns up towards the face. These people are fun loving and kind in character. They always offer a helping hand to people and never set their limits. They usually have a strong zeal to reach heights in career. They always make some free time for their family, and shows their hand in every activity. You can say this personality as a full personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Quickly go to the mirror and see what type of nose do you have and learn about your personality. And try to change, if anything you feel inside and let that change help a lot other. And again, don’t shout at your celestial nose friend. Stay Happy!! Stay Good!!

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