These Photos Will Make You Think Twice When Left Baby Alone With Dad. Too Hilarious!


When mom is away, dad will play!

You need to check out these hilarious photos captured when dads were left alone to hang out with their kids. They’re all funny and a lot of them are even ingenious. We even bet that some of them are related, too!

My wife had not better know this…

When you leave the baby alone with dad.

This…well…no, either

Does she swaddle our baby like this?

What Happens When You Leave Dad Alone With The Baby.

Happy bathing!


I totally take some rest while taking care of my child

Mom said the kids have to stay in bed

He Carries Them Like Luggage

My daughter loves to be carried like luggage

Again, baby should stay in bed

Going out is so much of fun, right my son?

I’m too busy to have some meal

She said she wanted a swing

Father’s Day

I don’t know why he doesn’t want to wander anymore

Daddy’s little helper

My boy must like this outfit so much


Ponytail Level: Dad


Oops, Sorry, Gonna Clean It Right Now!


When You Gotta Play, You Gotta Play