People Often Miss These 5 Simple Relationship Truths


About the relationship between a man and a woman – how to create and save them – so much is written that it is already difficult to determine where the truth is, and where not. We gathered stereotyped ideas about the relationship, which must be forgotten in the first place.

At the beginning of the relationship there must be a spark

Not always our relationship begins with incredible love. Therefore, it is worth paying attention not only to passion and sparks, but also to a sense of security and comfort that you feel (or not) next to a person. For a strong relationship is more important, if you can laugh together, rather than feel the butterflies in the belly in the candy-bouquet period.

In a happy relationship, the couple have the same interests

Each person has his own interests and hobbies. Do not think that if you love opera, and your potential half is fond of rafting, then you will not have anything to talk about and you will be unhappy together. On the contrary, personal interests will make you more attractive in the eyes of a partner.

Happy couples never quarrel

Do not argue only those people who do not care. Do not quarrel only those couples whose relationship is moving toward “sunset”. Do not worry because of small differences, they happen to everyone – so people learn to understand each other better. A pleasant bonus will be reconciliation.

In a happy relationship, partners love each other’s relatives and friends

Do not expect a partner to unconditionally love your surroundings. And you, too, do not have to love all your family and friends. You choose for the relationship only each other, and then you just need to properly organize the process of interaction with relatives and friends so that no one is left in insult.

In a happy relationship, one must be together always and everywhere

If it seems to you that partners never break up in happy pairs, it is not so. Every person sometimes wants to be alone. In harmonious pairs, partners understand this and calmly give each other their “own” lives. And you do not need to reproach yourself for wanting to relax from the family. It does not arise because you fell out of love, but just the opposite: time spent apart helps to preserve feelings or even breathe new life into relationships.


We often overestimate our expectations: the partner should be perfect, and the relationship should develop according to the laws of romantic films. But, waiting for the prince or the princess, we may not notice the one who is already there, a man who can make us happy.

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