You Should Never Do These 7 Things When You Are in a Quarrel, No Matter How Mad You Are


You probably know how easy it is to hurt a person you love with only one word or some act during a quarrel. Resentment can remain even long after the quarrel ends and thus, it can gradually destroy the relationship. This being said, when you are in a quarrel, there are certain things that you must not say or do if you do not want to permanently damage your relationship.

Never Do These 7 Things When You Are in a Fight with Your Partner

Never involve family or friends in your fight

The fight between two partners is a fight between those two persons only. If parents or friends get involved, the risk of a family quarrel is higher. Hence, even if you reestablish a harmonious relation with the members, the family may remember everything and use this against you or your partner as soon as an opportunity rises.

Never use violence

When people fight, they tend to show the worst parts of their characters. Some even turn to violence in order to prove they are right. However, you should never use violence, no matter how angry the both of you may be. Physical pain inflicted by a loved person will destroy everything good that brought the two of you together.

Never mention old mistakes and old quarrels

If the reason for your quarrel is a bunch of dirty laundry or a sink full of unwashed dishes, let this be the only issue. Do not remind your partner of his/her earlier mistakes because this will turn the problem into a much bigger issue. Afterwards, your partner may start to think if he/she should continue being in a relationship that is so demanding for him/her.

Do not mention breakup or divorce

If you do this during a fight, it could be the biggest insult ever because it will hurt your partner’s feelings. The more you mention it, the higher the chance for a breakup or divorce. If you truly love each other, never talk about going separate ways.

Never leave your home during a quarrel

If you do this, you will just show how bad you feel about being under the same roof with your partner. Slamming doors, going away at night, and leaving unresolved issues will make the partner question your maturity. A far better decision would be to wait for both of you to calm down and then talk about the problem as two adults.

Do not sleep in different beds

Sleeping in different beds after a fight will show that you are still unprepared to reconcile. Daily routines, like going to bed together, will calm down the tension in the air and speed up the resolving of the conflict. You may turn backs on each other while sleeping, but in the morning, you will wake up snuggled up together without a trace of last night’s quarrel.

Never fight in public

If you allow yourself to quarrel in public, you have no respect for each other or for the people around you. One thing’s for sure, you should not expose your private things in public; instead, discuss your issues at home.