Firstly, you need to check your face for any moles, and then take a look at the diagram below to idenfity the number/s that are the closest match to the moles you have. In most of the cases, the moles which are prominent hold specific meaning, whereas, if your face is filled with spots, acne, or little moles, they don’t count.

Position 1 to 3

As a child, you are/were rebellious and a free spirit. Namely, you possess innate creativity and you function best when you are given a free hand. People who have moles in this area are excellent business people who are better bosses for themselves, rather than working for someone else.

Position 4

This means that you are an impulsive person and you often react to things in life with a flamboyance which makes you a charismatic person with a sparkling personality. However, you can be difficult when there are too many opinions and you tend to be very argumentative, but you never hold grudges. This mole contributes to your explosive temper and if you decide to remove it at a certain point in your life, you will find yourself being much more calm and at peace with the rest of the world.

Position 5

Having a mole at this spot means that you will have luck with wealth but first you will need to earn it and you will have to work harder than most people. Be careful with your money and possessions, as there can be jealous people who might attempt to sweet talk you into taking everything from you. Never trust people who are trying to interest you into rich-quick schemes. Moreover, be cautious with trusting people and rely on your insticts.

Position 6

Having a mole at this spot means that you are an intelligent, creative, and skilled individual. Your talent will bring you wealth, success ,and fame. If you follow your heart rather than conventional means of making a living, you can earn a lot of money. Be brave and success will soon follow.

Position 7

If you have a mole in this area, it could mean that you are in quarrel wih your extended family which causes you to feel unhappy and grieving. Sometimes, this could affect your quality of life and work. Therefore, resolve any problems you have with your relatives if you want to be peaceful and move on.

Position 8

Having a mole in this area means that you have a tendency to overspend and you are prone to gambling. Therefore, be careful and know your limits.

Position 9

This location means that you probably have sexual and other issues. This mole should be removed if possible, as it brings a lot of problems with it.

Position 10

You are constantly surrounded by family and you will have many children and grandchildren. What’ s more, you’ll always have the support of your closest ones and you will be both materially and emotionally fulfilled.

Position 11

Having a mole in this position could mean that you are easily succeptible to diseases. Having it removed is a good idea, especially if the mole is large and darkish.