Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, appears calmly in court accused of killing his adopted daughter, texted “She’s like Satan in babygro”


A dad brutally murdered his adopted toddler daughter after calling her “Satan dressed up in a baby grow”, a jury has heard.

Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, pleaded not guilty to murdering Elsie on May 29 last year.

 Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, pleaded not guilty to murder in the hearing this morning

Matthew Scully-Hicks, from Delabole, Cornwall, denies murdering Elsie at the couple’s home in Llandaff, Cardiff, on May 29.

Cardiff Crown Court has heard he called 999 at 6.18pm on May 25 reporting that he had found Elsie unresponsive on the living room floor.

Paramedic Jonathan Aberg told the jury he attended the property with police at 6.25pm.

“There were police literally seconds in front of me at the address, so it was them who knocked on the door,” Mr Aberg said.

“He (Scully-Hicks) directed us round to the right, to where the child was. I believe she was on her back.

“She appeared lifeless. A little blue. We started CPR. She wasn’t breathing. She had no pulse.”

Elsie was taken to the paediatric intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Wales, he confirmed.

She arrived at the hospital at 6.53pm and her care was taken over by hospital staff.

In one text message he said Elsie was “having a proper diva strop about it all, which is annoying”, and in another he said she had “another diva strop at teatime”.

He also wrote: “I’m going through hell with Elsie! Mealtimes and bedtimes are like my worst nightmare at the minute.

“She’s been up there screaming for ten minutes non-stop. She’s just stopped but I doubt that’s the last I’ll hear tonight.”

Matthew Scully-Hicks (left), appearing at Cardiff Crown Court, is accused of inflicting serious injuries on 18-month-old adopted daughter, Elsie Scully-Hicks, before her death in May 2016. Picture: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

Matthew Scully-Hicks (left), appearing at Cardiff Crown Court, is accused of inflicting serious injuries on 18-month-old adopted daughter, Elsie Scully-Hicks, before her death in May 2016. Picture: Elizabeth Cook/PA WireSource:AAP

Neighbours also described hearing Elsie crying and Scully-Hicks shouting “shut up, shut up, shut the f*** up”, the court heard.

On one occasion he allegedly shouted at the child: “Shut up you little f***ing brat”, and: “Shut up you silly little c***”.

Jurors heard the couple married in Portugal in August 2012 and applied to adopt later that year.

The defendant gave up work to be a full-time dad, while his husband continued his job as a company director.

Elsie, who was removed from her drug user mum within days of her birth, went to live with the Scully-Hickses aged ten months in September 2015.

Tests showed the tot had suffered bleeding on both sides of her brain and there was evidence of recent and older brain haemorrhages, jurors were told.

Elsie had also suffered several broken ribs, a fractured left femur and a fractured skull days before her death, it was said.

Mr Lewis said the fractures were consistent with Elsie being “gripped and violently shaken”.

A consultant paediatrician believed Elsie had also suffered a blunt trauma to the head, he added.

The prosecutor said: “We allege that his attack on her on that day was not the first time that he had employed violence towards Elsie, nor was it the first time that he had caused her serious injury.

“We allege that his actions were the tragic culmination of a course of violent conduct on his part towards a defenceless child — an infant that he should have loved and protected — but whom he instead assaulted, abused and ultimately murdered.”

Prosecutor Paul Lewis QC said: “Within two weeks of Elsie’s formal adoption by the couple, we allege that the defendant had inflicted fatal injuries upon her.

The trial, expected to last for five weeks, continues at Cardiff crown court.

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