What Girls Vs. Guys Feel When Doin’ It In The Backdoor


More than 40% of women do it, and everyone already knows men do it. So, is butt lovin’ actually pleasurable for both parties? Yes and no. Here, we take a look at the facts of what girls feel versus what guys feel when doin’ it in the backdoor! What do you think about it, let us know in the comments!

An obvious difference is that getting freaky from the backdoor for the first time can be more painful for women than men. Duh.

Also, men have prostates which can be stimulated through the backdoor.


Women do not have technically have prostates, so it isn’t the same feeling.

It can still feel good for women in many different ways though! One is just by being touched in a new place.

That area is sensitive because it is not normally touched by others, so even a simple tap with the tip of your finger can make it feel pleasurable.

This feeling can be experienced by men as well, but it’s exciting not only because it’s a turn on, but also because their prostate is anticipating the stimulation.

It’s less likely for a female to climax from backdoor fun, but it is possible!

Since women do not have prostates to stimulate, they can peak just by having a thing for it, so it can be mostly mental.

Yet some women say their G-Spots can actually be reached through the bum.

For men, insertion into that particular hole is actually tighter than good ole’ fashion bedroom fun.

It has a suction reaction, so it sucks that member up making it a whole new feeling.

For women, doing it from the backdoor is more pleasurable when they are also getting their lady bits pleased at the same time.

Backdoor fun is not always the cleanest. Men and women have both been known to have some ummm… bowel movements.

For some women, the pressure on new parts of their body can also be a pleasurable feeling.

In conclusion, if you’re into it and do it the right way—use lube, be squeaky clean, communicate—it can feel pleasurable for both parties. In other words, there’s no excuses!