The Gap Between Your Thighs Says Who You Are On Bed


How many times has a guy checked you out from head to toe? Pretty sure you’ve lost count of it by now!

While the male gaze roaming over your body might seem super creepy to you (unless of course, you’re up for it!), it’s actually their way of selecting their potential mate. Evolution and biology force men to focus on every single aspect of your appearance as it gives them a good idea of how their relationship would be with you and whether or not you’ll be able to beget them ‘healthy offspring’.

But despite their obsession with bosoms, hips and the derriere, it’s still hard to fathom why men curiously assess that thigh gap. And we bet you want to know just why too!

Well, apparently, the distance between your thighs is a key determinant of how you’ll be in bed. Now, while there’s no research to actually back this up, it still makes sense men base their choices on the human anatomy. And the way your body is shaped has definitely got to do a lot with your hormones.

So then, how do your lower limbs (or rather the distance between them) determine what you’ll be like in bed?

To know that, first stand in front of a full-length mirror in cycling shorts, underwear or even your birthday suit. Now place your feet firmly on the ground and close together. What kind of gap do you see? What you see is what holds the answer to the kind of sexual energy you would bring into the bedroom!

How many times has a guy checked you out from head to toe

Type A

The legs are contiguous and there is only one gap between them, starting from the ankles and ending a little higher than the middle of the calves. There is a rather widespread belief that the smaller the gap between the legs, the more comfortable she will be in bed.

As a rule, such women are very gentle. They attract men with their tenderness and femininity. They are also shy. They don`t like to take the initiative and want men to do all the work themselves. This can be dangerous for the relationship because most men become easily bored. So, women with such legs should try to be more active.

Type B

The legs touch each other only in one place, at the ankles. These women like to acquire new experiences. They like the element of the game in intimate relationships. They are brave and adventurous.

Such women are ready to take the lead in the relationship. But sometimes such excessive courage can scare men away. That`s why these women should learn to control themselves.

Type C

The thighs are close to each other, but the tibias don’t touch. Women with this type of legs are usually very gentle and romantic. But if you give them free reign, they can turn into wild cats.

Type D

The legs touch each other at the upper thighs, at the knees, calves and ankles. This is one of the most widespread shape of legs. Such women behave naturally and traditionally in bed. They don`t like experiments too much and prefer a couple of their favorite poses.

But if their partner wants to try something new, they will support them. Men like such women because of their ability to give them confidence. Besides, such slim legs are quite attractive.