Babies can enter this world in one of two different ways: pregnant women can deliver through a vaginal birth or surgical delivery called Caesarean Section. But the ultimate objective is to safely give birth to a healthy and happy baby.

Sometimes, C-sections are planned because of medical reasons that make a vaginal birth risky. A woman may know in advance that she will need a C-section and schedule it because she is expecting twins or other multiple babies or because the mother may have a medical condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure. The mother may want to avoid an infection that complicates pregnancy such as HIV or herpes, or she may be experiencing problems with the placenta during her pregnancy. Some women simply do not want to experience pain and opt for a C section because of it. There are dangers involved that should also be considered.

This is a unique photograph of a baby coming into the world. This little boy came into this world by caesarean section, and Katie Vigos, the doctor who founded the “Empowered Birth Project”, which celebrates motherhood and birth of children, announced this fantastic photo.


“The doctors have told us that we can take a picture if we want to, and I said that I cannot and they all laughed. I looked at my fiancé and he was in his own world so I told him to quickly photograph, “said Raye, the baby’s mother, who is on the photograph.

“It was really surreal, and it is an incredible gift for us. This was my second cesarean section. I hope this picture pays tribute to all those who had a cesarean section before me and inspires and empowers pregnant women and women who will give birth in the future, “wrote Raye, next to the picture.

The baby is photographed at the moment when he was halfway out of his mom’s belly and in the picture you can also see the umbilical cord. While most of the people photograph vaginal delivery, there are barely any photos of cesarean sections and this is a truly unique sight. “

And here is the video showing the difference between c-section and natural birth, for those who may concern