9 Things That Power Couples Who Stay Together Have In Common


For a single, successful and driven person, romance always comes secondary. But if that person manages to find a partner who is equally successful and motivated, then it can be a challenge for both of them to commit time, energy and attention to the relationship.

The result of this problem can be deduced from the increasing numbers of high-profile divorces often showcased in the media; the career usually excels at the expense of the relationship. The situation becomes especially difficult for a woman who is frequently warring with herself to prove to the world that she is a career-oriented woman who doesn’t depend on a man and at the same time wants to have a satisfactory relationship with a partner who understands her.

Similarly, for a successful man, it’s tough to find a woman who is equally successful, yet respects and values their personal spaces and contributes to a fulfilling relationship. However, despite all of these situations, there are power couples who are living in long-term and seemingly happy relationships. So how do they work out the kinks of relationship? Following are 9 things which are common in power couple who are living in long-term relationships:

9. Us-Time has the most priority

Having a spouse who is addicted to work and does not have time for the partner is as bad as a spouse who is having an extra-marital affair. Mark Zuckerberg, the god of Facebook, signed a relationship agreement with his then-girlfriend-now-wife Priscilla Chang. Unlike what people might think it was not a prenuptial agreement.

In this agreement, Zuckerberg promised to take her for an outing once a week, and spend 100 minutes alone with her every week outside of the apartment and office. In relationships, rituals and shared experiences are very important and dictate the future of the bond.

These routines ensure that spouses take out time for the things they want to do with their family because they know that these small things give meaning to their relationships.

8. Tedious chores are outsourced:

Unlike normal couple, a power couple has to outsource a lot of things because they have to take out time for each other. It doesn’t mean that they cannot find joy in small and ordinary tasks. The best way to find this is out is by calculating your hourly worth, if the task can be outsourced in less than that amount, then you should do it. However, if you enjoy it with your significant other, then so be it; do it together and enjoy it!

7. Social Work strengthens their relationship:

Many power couples are seen to perform social work as part of their weekly or monthly routines. The reason behind working for social causes is that doing something outside their ego humbles them and appreciate their family more. People who try to make the world a better place or have a spiritual side have more chance of a thriving relationship because they are not dependent on monetary factors only to feel good.

6. They are good listeners:

Listening and empathising with your spouse is critical for every relationship, and in a power couple, this is a must-have trait. In this era where smartphones are a part of our lives, texting is just not enough in a relationship. The couples should talk with each other daily, in person or on call, to catch up with each other’s lives and whereabouts.

If you are a power couple, then focus on the things or events that are important to your partner. Listen and empathise, help your spouse to vent out his or her feelings. Show support and try not to problem solve or fix the problem.

Most of the times all we want is to be heard and rant out aloud. Ranting is one thing that couples do after marriage therapy and is crucial for a happy relationship. This is known as “stress reduction conversation”. Even the most compatible and successful relationship will suffer downfall if they don’t manage to talk to each other regularly.

5. They solve the issues before they are even there:

People having both successful careers, and love lives know that it’s pointless to hold silent grudges with each other because there is no time! Because people want to avoid conflicts in our culture, they often don’t convey their problems and don’t speak up about their issues in relationships.

As a result, the emotions start building-up and release in a tidal way of self-righteousness causing arguments. The solution is to resolve the problems before they take place in your heart. Talking is again, the key to the problem.

4. They appreciate the significant other:

Like every creature on earth, human beings also look for appreciation from the people they value. Successful couples share their admiration and fondness for their spouse, with the whole world. They love to appreciate the good things about their spouse in front of each other and the world. The best example of this point is the relationship of Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, who wanted her to continue her work after childbirth because he wanted to see more of her work.

3. They Agree on the Essential Issues from the Start:

Couples like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel draft “relationship agreement” from the beginning have clauses related to important matters like cheating. Cheating is the most prevalent breakup issue in any relationship. Therefore, agreeing on principles on which your spouse is comfortable from the very start ensure a strong bond.

2. Their spouses are their priority:

Career oriented couples often get distracted from their family because of the excitement and challenges at their workplace. However, a successful relationship is one in which a person is assured that the spouse will always have his or her back through thick and thin. They get confidence from the fact that their spouse is their first priority.

1. They know the importance of work-life balance:

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a key component in a firm, it is imperative to have a work-life balance. Working in an environment that promotes right balance between work and life impacts relationships in a very positive manner.

This works in a very symbiotic way; a person who has an excellent work-life balance takes on professional challenges in a better manner than a person who is in a different relationship. People who work in places which ensure a right balance tend to prosper more professionally as well.

If you are an overachiever, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer at the expense of your relationship. If you inculcate these points in your life, then you will have a thriving relationship.