9 Everyday Habits You Didn’t Know Are Ruining Your Health


Has it ever happened to you that you feel like you’re doing everything right, choosing healthy habits, making healthy choices, and yet your health is not improving? That pesky belly is just refusing to go. Or that fatigue, which you were hoping would disappear, clings on to you like sticky cellophane.

We have all been there, haven’t we? When it feels like no matter how hard you try to set things right, they just always go wrong! But what could possibly be the matter?

Well, sometimes, unknowingly, while trying to do the right thing, we ignore those finer things, the seemingly smaller ones, which actually are becoming the biggest hindrances to a healthy and fit you.
Read on to find out what those habits could be which you could be unknowingly indulging in, and which could be doing you more harm than good!

1. Rationing Your Food In Containers Made Of Plastic

Rationing Your Food In Containers Made Of Plastic



Rationing of food is a good idea. Since you have pre-planned the amount that you’re going to eat, the chances of you overeating are almost eliminated. But the biggest mistake that you could be making is storing the food in containers made of plastic. A majority of plastic containers are known to contain BPA, a chemical that messes with your system, thereby preventing weight loss (1). Opt for glass and ceramic containers instead. These are easy to use and clean while being absolutely healthy as well.

2. Being A Stickler When It Comes To Your Health Plan

Hasn’t it happened often that one evening you couldn’t make it to the gym and you keep blaming yourself for being undisciplined? Or that one time when your friend managed to tempt you to have that tart and you just couldn’t forgive yourself for being so fickle and weak? Experts say that such an attitude will only do you harm. Reward yourself once in a while and you’ll see how quickly the results turn from just average to absolutely stunning!

3. Judging Your Achievements Solely By Your Looks (Or Weighing Scale)

Judging Your Achievements Solely By Your Looks (Or Weighing Scale)


Many of us think that our health plans are working only when we see the results on the mirror or on the weighing scale. The truth is, these two are probably the worst judges when it comes to real health and beauty. So, the next time you are tempted to judge your reflection in the mirror, take a step back and look at the positives. I am sure you will find many!

4. Thinking Negatively First Thing In The Morning

If you wake up thinking that you’ll not be able to stick to your health regimen, you probably won’t be able to. There is a lot of truth in the saying that “battles are first fought in the head.” If you can win it in your head, you can win it in real life. So, stop underestimating yourself, and rather than waking up thinking that you’ll fail anyway, try doing the opposite. The results will stun you.

5. Consuming Calories Through Drinks

Consuming Calories Through Drinks


Many of us are very good at counting the calories when it comes to solid food, but we grow lax when it comes to drinks. Without realizing it, we sometimes end up drinking pure sugar, which is really bad (2). The next time you are tempted to order that cold coffee or milkshake, ask yourself if you could do without them.

6. Drinking ‘Diet’ Drinks

These are in no way better than their sugary counterparts and are best avoided. Instead of putting unnecessary chemicals in your body, just drink water. You’ll see how fresh and hydrated you feel!

7. Sleeping With Your Gadgets

Sleeping With Your Gadgets


There are many studies that point to the fact that electronics disrupt your sleep pattern and the beeping lights hamper your sleep as well (3). Not to mention the harmful radiation and vibrations that they emit. The best thing is to switch them off before hitting the sack. You’ll see how peaceful your sleep will be.

8. Not Sleeping Enough

This is probably the worst of the lot. Always make sure that your body gets at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Only then will you able to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning to take on the day’s challenges.

9. Skipping Meals, Especially Breakfast

Skipping Meals, Especially Breakfast


Many of us think that skipping meals helps with keeping the calorie count down. This is actually not true. When you skip a meal, you tend to overeat the next time you’re eating. Also, after long periods of fasting (like while sleeping), your body goes into shock mode thinking that it is being starved. This causes it to start absorbing all the fats in the body as it worries there are more hours of non-eating periods ahead.

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