9 Easy Flirting Tips That Will Turn You Into A Total Seductress


1. Touch him when but make sure it’s not groping. When you say HELLO put your hand on his shoulders. When you laugh at his jokes, slap his arms and sit close that your thighs brush against his. Such kind of subtle touches make the biggest impacts.
2. Play with your lips and draw his attention to them. Touch them, lick them or reapply your lipstick in front of him. You will see he will notice that how smooth your lips are and create a situation where he has no option but just to imagine kissing you.
3. When you are wearing a dress and sitting down, get his attention through your legs. Cross and uncross them and he will try to catch a flash of your underwear. Is there any better option to flirt that easily?
4. Get his mind on sex with some dirty jokes. Try to make jokes that are vaguely sexual and hint at something naughty. But these should not be too obvious. Of course, if you’re comfortable blurting out how horny you are, that works too.
5. Playing with your hair when he is around will actually turn him on. Don’t twirl as you could have seen in the movie but just brush them down every once in a while and pushing them behind your air will work like a wonder.6. Work on your posture. If you keep your spine straight and your shoulders back, your boobs will be pushed out more. It’ll do wonders for your cleavage.
7. Wear the right perfume. Try something that smells of vanilla or lavender. Men are a sucker for those scents.
8. If you are a girl who doesn’t mind using her beauty to get what you want, put your elbows on the table and lean forward while talking. The posture will let him see what’s hidden beneath your shirt.
9. Compliment him. Guys usually have a hard time figuring out if we’re actually flirting, but if you tell him that he looks sexy in the color blue, then he’ll understand you’re interested.