8 Real Reasons Why Kissing is in Fact Good For Your Health!!! You Will Be Surprised


Kissing represents a form of expression of people’s feelings and is known to bring two people together even more than making love. However, there are certain hidden advantages that kissing has for us that you may not have heard of before.

While kissing we exchange germs and saliva which can actually be healthy for us. This boosts up our immunity since even the slightest kissing encourages the production of more saliva than usual and the acid in our mouths, as well as leftover food particles, are washed away or neutralized.

Furthermore, while we kiss our body produces endorphin often referred to as “the happy hormone” and dopamine, both improving the mood as well as the state of the kisser. You must kiss at least 20 seconds in order to get all of these benefits.

These are a few reasons why kissing is good for you and brings a number of benefits to your health:

1. Kissing helps burn calories

2-3 calories a minute to be exact. It is not the same as the gym or a more intense physical activity but here is an exercise that requires no sweat or tears *wink*

2. Kissing will make the bond stronger

While kissing the body produces the hormone oxytocin which promotes intimacy and makes the relationship stronger.

3. Kissing improves the intimacy in the relationship

Intense French kissing serves as a great foreplay and increases the length of making love and the game itself. Kissing can improve everything, from your mood to your energy levels and your relationship of course.

4. Kissing prevents diseases

As certain studies have shown, French kissing helps women build a stronger immunity against cytomegalovirus as well as one during the flu season. So get your kissing on and keep yourself, healthy ladies!

5. Kissing makes a marriage stronger

Married couples who like to occasionally have a so-called “make-out session” tend to leave their arguments behind and settle them much easier and faster.

6. Kissing makes people happier

This has to do with the production of endorphin which is the happy hormone.

7. Kissing reduces pain

While we kiss a certain amount of adrenaline is produced and that can help with a severe case of migraines or headaches.

8. Kissing lowers stress

Releases yours from your stress and anxiety and all the negative emotions. The increased levels of oxytocin help you stay calm and peaceful.