6 Reasons Why Men Touch Their Private Parts And Women Don’t


It is clear, one of the star questions of women is:

Why do men touch the package so much?

The truth is that the old tartessos already put in fashion this practice so common among Spaniards that has lately become the ‘Marca España’. In fact, in the city of Camas (as I love that name for a city.) The Treasure of the Carambola was discovered, and it is believed that from there comes the expression ‘to touch the carambolo’ that later evolved to ‘touch the sills ‘

It is believed that Argantonio, the last king of the tartness, touched the parts between 22 and 30 times a day and enjoyed good health and a very satisfying sexual life (it seems that he reached 120 years).

But leaving history behind, what matters to us is not where this practice comes from but why it has remained intact for centuries as a kind of sacred legacy. Investigating on the Internet and remembering your own experiences, since it is not the same to tell it than to live it, we have compiled the possible causes of these touching and scratching so badly seen by the female society.

1. Relocation and accommodation

Some men, like Argantonio, have a very large limb, so sometimes it becomes a bit unstable and we have to reposition it and fit it in the tiny fabric that covers it (and what to say if a thong is worn?). Other times men believe that our member has a life of their own and that we can leave, so we touch and see that it is still there.

2. Involuntary / voluntary erections

Our body needs to pump blood even to our most remote corners like the cavernous tissue of the limb, so that involuntary movements are more frequent than usual.

During the night we usually have between 3 and 6 and some half an hour, I think we all know the tent. In addition, there are also voluntary campaigns, which are those in which when we see a very nice girl to see, our eyes fall by an unknown force (a cosmic energy really hard to fight) to your neckline or backside, and kabooom! to reposition the package so that it looks like an iPhone of the big ones in your pocket. Some people usually touch it because it gives ‘gustirrinín’ and they take advantage of it to relax.

3. Poor hygiene
Some men are a little piglets, so the itch, bacteria, scabies, lice, crabs, monkeys and tarzanitos will be the order of the day. And if the man has not shaved in his life it is very possible that he has an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna and species not yet identified, not to mention the constant entanglements that may exist between the pubic hair and the prepuce. I know, it’s a little disgusting but this is the harsh reality of life. In other cases, it is simply itching due to sweating and other less important factors.

4. Genetic inheritance
Sometimes this habit is generational, a genetic tradition, although it is seen as a bad habit (especially by our partners), a reflex movement that in some cases can be something like ‘tics’ and in others because your father’s grandfather he touched it before your father, and your father before you, becoming a family custom that passed from generation to generation.

So if you touch the package constantly for no reason, surely you are a descendant of Argantonio.

5. Demonstration of virility / insecurity:
Man, like the beasts of the animal kingdom, tends to be the alpha male, the dominant one. And therefore that action of touching the package in front of the women, something like ‘here are me and my p?’ On the other hand, there are the chauvinists, unsure of themselves, who try to show the woman that the only thing they do it is touching the eggs in all aspects.

And in the end all for nothing, because we all know that whoever runs the house is our lady. Another type of scrape is that of the ‘wardrobe male’ who is nothing more than a “man” who has not come out of the closet and is characterized by touching the package by raising the little finger when it is between males.

6. Maintain the temperature
Science explains that this action allows the testes to stay in good temperature, to ensure the life of the spider, and thus ensure procreation. In addition, in cold seasons it is almost unconscious for men to put their hands in the crotch, as it turns out to be almost a mechanism to keep their area away from the cold.

In addition, they say that taking their hands to that area constantly, is also a protection mechanism that comes from prehistory, when men only wore loincloths and, innately, had to protect themselves with their hands.

Finally, we have only to mention that yes, for some men, scratching the testicles is relaxing.

What is very true and what I have concluded is that: One thing is to accommodate them and quite another is that it is a mania, we agree that we are not neat chickens to be accommodating poultry products all day.

And do you think that it is a pretext for men to scratch themselves without shame?

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