5 Things All Men Want Women To Do More


Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, literally. Both think the other is mad…but all of us need each other so that the world can go around. But there are a few things that ladies do not appear to comprehend about guys. I am sorry ladies… but now you’ll be on the place. We’ll tilt over to us man’s side, just that once. I understand there are such things you roll your eyes around when your guy asks you to do but you don’t know if these are what’s going to keep him.

Here are five things all guys want women to do more, read the article till the end and do not forget to share your perspectives with us.

1. Make The First Move

Men have always been known as hunters and boy…do they enjoy searching. But at times, they would not mind a girl convinced enough to make the first move in approaching them in the area and even in the bedroom. I know you women believe that this can make you seem pretty desperate but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Men see such a girl for a go-getter. If your fear of rejection is hitting your mind at this time, I hope that this will make you better: men fear the same thing.

2. Play Video Games

You gamer women, stand up tall. Previously, video games are a man thing, but times are changing, and fast. A whole lot of women have discovered a love for video games. Most men wish that all girls would.

Here’s the thing, a girlfriend who hates video games may not understand why the men is continuously propped up in front of a screen for hours. Men, your girlfriend might not be all that great, but at least give her credit for the attempt.

3. Stay Away From Drama

I know you guys will agree with me, the drama which a woman will have in 1 month of her life is equal to the drama a man goes through in their life. Newsflash! Men despise drama and they believe it pointless. To be honest, I know not all women love play but most surely have difficulty staying away from it… occasionally.

Guy get turned off when a woman gossips or speaks ill of someone. Hold me to this: if a person is involved in play, the girl is usually the reason behind it.

4. Don’t Be A Robot

I know ladies you wish to look all nice once you’re with your guy, but something you might not know is that men don’t like it when their girls put up an act. Typically, it ends badly because there’s a lack of credibility in the connection. Well, men aren’t that perfect either but are more real of these than can be said for some girls.

To the contrary, the current generation of girls tends to behave as a robot who doesn’t wear or seem imperfect. Truth be told, men know that nobody is perfect and they’re kinda attracted to flawed beings.

5. Say What You Mean

Women, guy like it when you mean what you say. Women can be very emotional which more or less gravitates toward word vomit causing them to blurt out some pretty nasty things without thinking of the effect that it can have on their guy. This may be frustrating for a lady making them act in emotional ways merely to get a response from this guy.

Again, women are often not honest in their feelings, the same as some men could be too. Men enjoy learning about your feelings rather than wondering why you’re upset. So honesty above all.