20 Gross Things All Couples Do When They’ve Been Together Forever


The real phase of a relationship starts once the honeymoon phase is over and you’ve stopped trying to maintain the illusion of absolute perfection. This stage of a couple romance is by far the most interesting one as you get a glimpse into who your partner really is beyond the thin veil of makeup and the buff.

So, if you’re already there, kudos to you! You’ve weathered many storms and have come this far. But if you haven’t, there are loads for you to know. Especially these 20 super gross things that every couple who’s been together for ages inevitably happen to do!

1. Shaving takes a backseat.

1. Shaving takes a backseat.

As time goes by, you get so comfortable with your bae that you couldn’t be bothered about shaving your legs for him. Not that he minds! He likes to appreciate you in all your glory.

2. You don’t mind farting in front of each other.

One of the joys of being together for so long is that you no longer have to hide your farts or step out of the house to take one! Once the first one comes out, there’s no stopping them.

3. Poop turns into a hot topic of conversation.

Now that you’re way past all the ‘awkwardness’ of getting to know one another, your relationship has hit the next major milestone, which is discussing poop – color, consistency, and all!

4. And periods make their presence felt too.

You no longer feel that periods are something you should only talk about with your girlfriends. And no more do you refer to menstruation as a ‘monthly visitor’ when you’re with him. Those days are gone! Now they take center-stage, and every moment of yours – from lovemaking to the traveling – is planned around your periods.

5. You stop closing the door when peeing.

5. You stop closing the door when peeing.

You were just bitching about what your boss did to you, and you get the urge to pee! So, what? The conversation doesn’t stop and you just continue with the door wide open, propped on a toilet seat!

6. Peeing in the shower goes from ‘not allowed’ to ‘OK’.

As long as he is considerate enough to pee on the other side and not splash you, you don’t mind him peeing in the shower even when you’re in it together.

7. Morning breath? Couldn’t care less.

7. Morning breath Couldn’t care less.

Gone are the days when you vigorously brushed your teeth in the morning before kissing your partner. Now stinky kisses are the best ones!

8. Popping each other’s pimples is something you enjoy.

You’re in the middle of canoodling and your partner spots a zit on you in a place you can’t reach. No time is wasted by your partner in popping that thing right open!

9. You kiss each other, in SICKNESS and in health.

9. You kiss each other, in SICKNESS and in health.

A runny nose is just not enough to deter either of you from kissing one another. And you find a kiss in sickness to be oddly comforting.

10. Putting on a few extra pounds is pretty much OK.

Just like shaving goes right out the window, so does trying to stay fit to look extra good for your partner. You’re comfortable enough with each other to find all that baby fat adorable!

11. No matter how gross your partner gets, you still find them sexy.

11. No matter how gross your partner gets, you still find them sexy.

Even if they sit and pick their nose right in front of you like a goofy idiot, you still find them simply irresistible! This is what happens when you find ‘the one’.

12. You stick your cold feet up against your partner when you sleep.

Whenever your feet need some warming up, you stick them up against your partner’s legs, unannounced! But who can blame you? They’re your personal hot water bottle after all.

13. You love their natural scent.

No, not their sweat. But just the smell their body emits when they’re lying next to you.

14. You share EVERYTHING.

From toothbrush to shampoo, there’s nothing you guys won’t share. Occasionally, you may even wear the same underwear! That’s how close you are.

15. Plucking ingrown hairs from each other is only too common.

It might not be your idea of a date night but somehow, more often than not, a pair of tweezers and a plucked out ingrown hair figure into the plan.

16. You’ve touched their dirty, soiled underwear.

The dirtier it is, the closer you get.

17. You have gazillions of pictures of each other.

17. You have gazillions of pictures of each other.

And it’s not just comprised of pretty pictures. Weird pictures of their different body parts figure into the mix too!

18. You find hair everywhere.

The shower drain, the couch, your clothes, heck, even in your food! Their hair is just everywhere!

19. You multitask with each other in the weirdest of ways.

19. You multitask with each other in the weirdest of ways.

You’re sitting on the pot to attend nature’s call and your partner is brushing. Yet, somehow, you manage to have a perfectly logical conversation!

20. You play fart games.

“Let’s see who can fart the loudest or the longest or even the smelliest,” is just one of your favorite pastimes as a couple.

And these 20 are just a few of the grossest things you’ll do as a couple. There are so many more to come! Ergo, brace yourself. Grossness is coming!