15 Most Annoying Things Only Long-Nail Girls Understand


There are so many upsides to having or wearing long nails: being able to give yourself an Orgasmatron-style head massage, elongating stubby fingers, scratching a usually hard to reach itch, but they come with one huge downside. Here are some of the most annoying things women tend to experience while having their ‘talons’ on:

1. Putting on any type of jewelry that has a clasp. You can forget about clasping your favorite statement or dainty necklace with fake nails on, because it’s damn near impossible. Your only options to putting on any type of jewelry (unless it’s a ring) is to wait until you’re at work or with a friend to get their assistance. Otherwise, allot 20 minutes to half an hour of pure frustration trying to get your bracelet on and know you still might not succeed.

2. Getting food and moisturiser stuck under your nails. Constantly having to clean under your nails after you apply cream to your body or after eating a particular food. This is probably one of the most annoying struggles of having long nails.

3. Inserting earrings into your ears. If your nails are long and your earrings are little, they’re going to fall into the sea that is the underside of your nail. So you have a few options: (1) put in your tiny studs when your nails are short and never look back, (2) try, with every ounce of effort in you, to hold on to the small stud with the actual pads of your fingers while you secure it, (3) phone a friend for help, or (4) wear bigger earrings, like hoops or chandelier earrings, that you can actually hold on to.

4. You accidentally scratch people all the time. People that know you, are always scared you are going to accidentally scratch or poke them.

5. Typing on a keyboard. You typically type with the tops of your fingertips close to your nail, but with long AF nails, you have to change your typing ways and use the pads of your finger more. Same goes for typing on your phone. Also, be prepared to hit the wrong keys ALL THE TIME.

6. Putting on any type of makeup that you’d usually apply with your fingers. Kiss putting on foundation with your fingertips good-bye, because you’ll most likely create all types of divots in your makeup when you try to apply it while wearing fake nails. You also can’t blend anything onto your face, like blush or bronzer, because one false move and an accidental nail swipe can look like you’re trying to etch your name into your face.

7. Flossing. This is hard enough to do when the floss is so tightly wrapped around your finger that you feel like it’s going to fall off. Then you throw long nails into the mix and they’re poking your gums, keeping your from really getting in there and cleaning between your teeth. So just stock up on floss picks, like Oral B Glide Complete Scope Outlast Floss Pick, so your dentist doesn’t yell at you.

8. Picking up coins from the counter or the floor. Have you ever dropped a coin on the ground and actually considered leaving it there because you know for certain you won’t be able to pick it up without struggling? Don’t worry you aren’t the only one.

9. Buttoning anything. A shirt, pants, jacket — it’s all a struggle. You used to be able to button or unbutton your shirt or pants at the speed of light, but now you have to use both hands and the sides of your fingers to get any button done or undone. It’s no longer the cat-eye that makes you late for work; it’s your button-down shirt.

10. Opening a can of soda. You now have to use the side of your finger to try to jimmy it open to avoid breaking or bending your nail backward. Ouch!

11. Retrieving your bank card from the ATM slot. This really needs no explanation to how frustrating this issue is!

12. Wearing gloves. Your gloves used to fit you until you added half an inch or more to the end of your fingers, and now they fit all weird, so you’re forced to wear mittens.

13. Holding an eye pencil or using a slant-tip brush to put on eyeliner. Just like holding a writing pencil or pen is more difficult, so is wielding an eyeliner to try and create a gorgeous graphic cat-eye on your face. Also, forget fixing smudges.

14. Running your hands through your hair. If you wear acrylics and you run your hands through your hair as they start to grow out, chances are strands will get caught between your nail and the edges of the acrylics. And more often than not, the strand of hair pulls out and gets stuck under your fake nail, which always awesome.

15. Breaking a nail is literally one of your worst nightmares. After dealing with the pain of breaking a nail, you then have to make an emergency appointment to the nail salon to fix it because you don’t want to walk around with 9 long nails and 1 short broken one. 

You look confident about your style and confidence is HAWT! These are the problems every girl with long nails will relate to. It’s the price they pay for beautiful fingers. But everything worth, comes with a high price, so enjoy your long nails and keep scratching.