15 Important Things Most People Don’t Know About Making Love


Despite how many times a person can have sex, there are always new things to be learned about the art of making love. This article is going to list 15 different aspects of having sex that many people may not know about. For example, did you know that the average sexual “session” spends about 100 calories? That would mean that having sex multiple times per day may expend enough calories to even cause some people to lose weight as if they were going to the gym.

According to various available statistics, sex on average burns around 100 calories per person, with spending a slightly higher amount. What is even more interesting is that the calorie expenditure figure is per session, so doing it multiple days would spend even more calories.
How Much Intercourse Happens Every Day

Another interesting statistic is that on average (for the whole world), there are a 100 million occurrences of sexual intercourse. That means that on average, every 30th person in the world has had sex at least once in the past 24 hours.

Many People Claim It is Addictive

According to many people who have experienced different amount of sexual “success,” they claim that the more sex a person has, the more they are going to crave it. It seems that the only cure for horniness is to abstain from sex for a while.
The Average Amount of Time a Person Spends Kissing


Here is another mind-boggling statistic. Did you know that the average person in the world is going to spend a whopping 20,160 minutes kissing and making out. The amount includes both kissing as part of the foreplay, and kissing in general.
Women on the Pill Are More Attracted to Less Masculine Men

According to several new research studies, women who are taking a hormonal contraceptive (also called as “the pill”) are more likely to be attracted to less masculine men, and to men that have a lower average amount of free-flowing testosterone.

Female Attraction Changes When a Girl is Fertile

While a girl is more attracted to less testosterone while she is on the pill, the opposite happens when she isn’t taking the pill and is in her fertile period of the month. In that period, most women are attracted to overly masculine guys.

How to Know if a Guy Is Likely to Cheat

There is another interesting study that showed how a woman could tell the chances a man would cheat on her, based on something she can see while she is having sex with her partner. The “tell” is the size of the man’s testicles – the larger they are, the higher the chance of cheating.

Men Think About Sex 19 Times per Day


It seems both of the sexes are obsessed with sex, but men take a slightly ahead of women. According to a survey, men on average think about sex 19 times per day, while women think about sex “only” about 10 times in the day.

Most Guys Don’t Last Long

According to another survey that attempted to measure how long most guys can last while making love to their partners, it seems that 75% of the guys (that is 3/4th of all men) are only able to last about 3 minutes before ejaculating.

Semen Contains 5 Calories

Here is another weird fun-fact about the human semen (if you ever cared to know more about it) – on average, a tablespoon of semen (that is the average amount a guy can “carry” in his testicles), contains only 5 calories worth of energy.

Sex Can Treat a Headache

Since having sex and reaching orgasm can release a lot of tension in the body, many people and doctors have reported that having sex while having a headache can help in lessening the symptoms of the headache. Most people still prefer to take a pill though.

There Are Over 1,000 Terms for Female Genitalia

The English language is known to have a lot of synonyms for words that basically describe the same thing. One of the words that have the highest number of words to describe is the female genitals or the vulva. There are over 1,000 terms to describe that part of the female body.

The Clitoris Has 8,000 Nerve Endings

The clitoris, or the part of the female genitals that is the easiest for most women to reach an orgasm, has a whopping 8,000 different nerve endings, which explains why so many women have reported that they can finish only by stimulating the clitoris.

On Average, Women Need 20 Minutes to Reach Orgasm

While most guys only last about 3 minutes, for women the opposite is true. According to a recent survey, the average female has reported that she needs about 20 minutes to reach orgasm through intercourse, and about 4 minutes through masturbation.

How Women Rate the Male Body

According to a survey, women only ranked the penis as the 9th most important part of the male body. This is in direct contrast to how guys see their bodies – most men have reported that they think their penis is the 3rd most important part of their body.