14 Unknown Things About Female Body


Women are such interesting human beings. Besides the phenomenal fact that females can carry a living thing inside their bodies for 9 months and then give birth to it, they differ so much from the male species — dare we say often one-upping them! Now, this is not a contest, but if it were, women would win most of the time! All jokes aside, there are a lot of interesting facts about women that probably your mom or grandmother didn’t even know about.

1. The female heart is programmed to beat two times faster than males – this is because the female heart is 2 ounces smaller than a male’s heart. The average heart rate of an adult woman is around 78 beat per minute, which is eight beats faster than the average heart rate for an adult male. ABC News also states that a heart continues to beat even if it has been removed from the body. This is because the heart has its own electrical system. As long as the heart continues to receive oxygen, it continues to pump blood.

2. Women burn fat more slowly than men – on average, women have about 8-10% more body fat than men. The most obvious explanation for weight loss discrepancies between men and women is men have more metabolically-active muscle tissue. Due to differences in lean body mass, men burn up to 20% more calories at rest than women do. Unfair, but true. Of course, you can “even things up” a bit by resistance training and building more lean body mass. Building more muscle is one of the best ways to boost a sluggish metabolism and burn more calories even when you’re sleeping.

3. Women’s senses are sharper than men’s. According to Dr Paul Breslin, professor of Nutrition at Rutgers University, “women seem to have a slight edge up on men in terms of abilities.” For example, men are more prone to color blindness and hearing loss – they’re five and a half times more likely to have hearing loss as they get older, starting at the age of 20. So maybe, when you think your guy isn’t listening to you, it’s actually that he can’t hear you! Women also have a more adept sense of smell when it comes to body odor. The reason is that we choose a mate who we can sense has a strong immune system based on what we’re getting from their scent. So it seems that overall we have developed stronger senses than blokes.

4. The diameter of a female’s hair is two times smaller than men’s. While it might sound strange, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that men’s hair should be coarser than that of women. Hair diameter also varies on average between races, making hair plugs on some men look especially obvious.

5. Women have stronger immunity. Females have a greater immunological advantage than men, yet they are more prone to autoimmune disorders. The basis for this sex bias lies in the X chromosome, which contains many immunity-related genes.

6. Some women can see millions of more colors – some women (known as tetrachromats) are born with a genetic mutation that causes them to gain a 4th color vision code in their eyes.

7. Women blink almost twice as much as men – this is due to the levels of estrogen in women. Blinking allows us to keep our eyes lubricated and protect them from foreign bodies entering or irritating them. Essentially, women blink more often than men due to the higher levels of the hormone estrogen within their system. This hormone stimulates the production of lubricants in the body, including the eye. Women on birth control pills, who will have increased levels of the hormone, blink up to 32% more often than other women.

8. Women’s skin is 10 times more sensitive than men’s. We have observed that passive tactile spatial acuity, the ability to resolve the spatial structure of surfaces pressed upon the skin, differs subtly but consistently between the sexes, with women able to perceive finer surface detail than men.

9. Females muscles contain more elastin, making them more flexible – this is probably why you don’t see many men doing gymnastics

10. Women can hear high frequency sounds better than men – (maybe this is why women always have to repeat themselves to men)

11. When women are pregnant, 30% of them have a craving for inedible things – this is known as pica, and they’ll crave things like soil, laundry starch, clay. The reason that some women develop pica cravings during pregnancy is not known for certain. There is currently no identified cause; however, according to the Journal of American Dietetic Association there may be a connection to an iron deficiency. Some speculate that pica cravings are the body’s attempt to obtain vitamins or minerals that are missing through normal food consumption.

12. Women cry more than men – stereotypes aside, this is usually due to hormonal differences and even social conditioning.

13. Women really have a better sense of smell than men: Study finds female brain has almost 50% more olfactory cells

14. Studies have shown that women feel more pain than men –  this is because women have more nerve receptors which cause them to feel pain more intensely.